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Waking up is not one of Alphie's strong points, but I'm here to help you wake up with a happy face! This fitness challenge is going to be great for giving your body a stretch out and deep breaths. Feel good and get ready to have a great day!

Be sure to do your best and just hold the stretches and do what you can. it's not about reaching all the way down to your toes, it's about getting a good stretch for your body. Remember to breathe during this Wake Up Challenge and feel free to get any yawns out. I suggest doing this workout right when you hop out of bed to get the good vibes going right away! That way, you can be sure to give yourself a good stretch and feel loose and warm for the day or for any workouts you do after this. Why not give my other fitness challenges a try after this one?

For an added bonus, you can say some positive affirmations. Saying your morning affirmations right when you wake up is a wonderful way to set the pace for the day. Try saying "I'm blessed", "I'm loved", or "I'm amazing"! Trust me, it will help you to feel fearless and fierce! We'll also warm up the body by doing some ab twists, leg lunges, and some hip stretches. Your body will be nice and warm!

I'm sure that felt good! I have some other flexibility and yoga videos in my video library and on my YouTube channel, so feel free to give those a try. In the coming months I'll be working on my flexibility and stretches, so check back regularly for more awesome videos.

Have you checked out the other challenges in the channel? Test our your squat games, how long you can plank for and the strength of your upper body. When you subscribe to the channel you are the first to know of the new workouts do don't forget to hit that button.

And of course I want to know what video you want to see next! Make sure you comment with your name, country and the video you want to see! You never know there might be a video dedicated just for you!