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Here are 5 awesome moves you can incorporate into your daily routine to help tone up and feel strong! Taking care of yourself includes getting exercise, so consider this a Valentine's gift to yourself!

We will start working the glutes with some squats. When I'm working out, I really like to challenge myself and see how my hard work has been paying off! So I'll do a couple of reps and then push a little bit further, in this case, going down deeper into the squat. You'd be amazed at much further you really can go when you push yourself just a little bit more! If you feel the burn, then you are actually changing your body!

Then we have everyone's favorite - the plank! There are plenty of variations to the plank, and they are all GREAT! Holding the plank will work your arms and your abs because you need to hold your core nice and tight. Here I'm stretching my arms out just to increase the burn a bit more! 20 reps of these, and I promise you will be begging for mercy!

My next move is going to give those abs even more attention. V-sit pulses are tough, but they are so worth it! You want to go nice and slow to really feel the burnout. Try to keep everything straight: the arms, the legs, and the back. It doesn't take too many reps to start feeling the tingle in your abs and legs!

Next we're going to jump back onto our feet and give the legs some attention with...lunges! Make sure that your knee does not extend past your toes. Getting a nice wide range of motion will ensure that you are giving those quads a good workout. Now, the lunge is such a basic and essential move, so feel free to mix it up with some variations! You can try lunge jumps, pulses, or changing the speed of your reps.

Finally, your last move is going to help you get that sexy back for your Valentine's Day outfit. The pulses at the end are really going to get you! Throw in some weights for some nice muscle gains. And there you have it! Five moves you can do in no time at all. Try adding this workout to your routine everyday and the results will come! Try yourself well this Valentine's Day and everyday! You're worth it!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Tell me in the comments below! If you are stuck and need some ideas, check out some of these V-Day date tips:

-Going out to eat is what everyone's going to do! How about staying in and cooking a tasty meal together? You can have candles, music, and some quality bonding time.

-Try a couple's massage, or give each other a massage. Romantic!

-For classic romantics, try hitting the ice skating or roller rink. It doesn't matter if you're no good at skating! Just have fun!

-I LOVE yoga. Try some yoga poses that are made for 2 people, or go to a hot yoga class together! It's kind of cute to see your boyfriend/girlfriend working up a sweat!

-Be active! Rent a tandem bike, go on a walking tour at dusk, go horseback riding or swimming together...this will keep your relationship healthy both physically and emotionally!

-Take a dance class! Tango, salsa, ballroom...whatever!

-If you need an early night, go out for brunch!

-Single? Valentine's Day just screams for a DIY (or professional) spa day!

-Single folks can also gather up their other single friends and hold a "Secret Valentine" party. Sort of like "Secret Santa," but you can make it as serious or as silly as you want!