Get It Beauty in South Korea

Working it in South Korea 

I have been so excited to share this blog with you, and now is the time! I just returned from a trip to Nicaragua and I've been busy building up my Team Fearless community. I finally had a breather and I'm happy to show you a segment from the Get it Beauty interview I did in South Korea. This was such an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the fitness community over in Asia and have lots of fun while sharing my favourite exercises and fitness fashions! 

I can always be found wearing some leggings and a sports bra, but the type of sports bra you wear really makes a difference in how you feel during exercise. No matter your size, having the right support and fit will really help you smash a workout without worrying about sagging or bouncing! Plus, these sports bras are absolutely adorable and make me look so stylish while I do my exercises. Check out the Get it Beauty segment below for some helpful fashion tips and a quick run-through of the moves I do to stay toned and strong!

It's incredible to look back and reflect on the role that fitness plays in my life as well as how I got started with my online workouts. I can't believe that now I'm leading a team of other people who want to make their communities healthier and happier! If you want to be a part of it, leave me a message!