Pit Stop in Palm Springs

Feel the HEAT! Oh yeah, this is where I got a BF!

I had been to Palm Springs, California a number of times and even though this was only a one night stay, it was by far my favorite visit to date. Let me tell you why! I can have fun anywhere I go and really it's the experiences you have along the way that make it that memorable trip. Of course, the company and who you meet help to create special memories with you.

LIVE Out NEW Experiences...

This was the first time I was shooting with my new photographer/videographer aka the new boyfriend. I remember when we were dating, I was checking out his Instagram and thinking 'wow this guy has a real eye for photos, he could be quite useful'. I didn't realize how much I would also like his company, that was an added bonus. Hehe! I had just bought my new camera and in the weeks leading up to the trip, he was in training on how to use it. By the time the shoot came around, he was a pro!

Early on a Friday morning, we were picked up in a cool-looking car where the doors open up to the sky. I remember pulling up to jump in a ride and thinking this was going to be a ride never to be forgotten. The car was from a company called Tesleoop who have Telsa cars that come with their very own driver. The best part was we could enjoy chatting in the back, taking photos and enjoying the journey. The cars are very spacious, futuristic looking and clean. It almost feels like you are on a plane.

Arriving into the Elrod Villa, we were greeted by the sweetest man who looked after us all weekend. Reed made sure we knew where everything was in the villa and with so many options of music and light settings, which we needed! The villa itself had the most beautiful pool with sun loungers and a BBQ outside. It looked like somewhere from Bali with the colors and design. Check out the video to get the whole tour of the place!

Stepping outside from the air conditioned villa, you could feel the sudden heat on your skin. Ahhh, it felt so nice. Not nice to work out in though! I had a pretty intense ab workout to film, so we made a game plan that it would be best to get up in the early morning and film then. We had the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the villa and go explore Palm Springs!

Reed told us about the tram that goes up the mountain so we decided to give that a go. Both the boyfriend and I are not great at sitting, laying in the sun and chilling. We like to explore, take an adventure and see new things. The tram ride was great if you are okay with heights! I am not the best with climbing buildings, mountains or high surfaces, as you know from my vlog in Prague. However I will always do it because I am hoping one day my fear of heights will go away.

As we got to the top, it was getting dark, which meant our picture game wasn't exactly on point...the boyfriend hadn't got to the section on how to take pictures in the dark yet. I can't really blame him, the new camera doesn't have a flash! I am so new to camera equipment, I didn't expect that with the price of my camera wouldn't include a flash! Note to anyone interested in photography: all parts of a camera come separate!

We got to the top and had a little look around what was there. We couldn't get up to where the best views were as we were too late in the day and it was closed off. You want to get there an hour or so before sunset so you can get access up the extra stairs and take some pictures while it's still light. There is a restaurant as well as a bar up there which is very casual and relaxed. I was in a pretty dress and heels which makes a change as I am ALWAYS in workout clothes! I like to get dressed up, and the mirror in the villa took my make-up experience to a whole new level.

When I was in dance shows, we would have those mirrors with the lights around them and it was always my dream to have my own. My granddad once made me the wooden frame for one, but unfortunately it never got finished. I hope to buy a house in 2017 and that's the first thing going in!

A quick walk around and we were back on the tram. It was really cold up there so if you do go in September, wrap up nice and warm for the afternoon. Better yet, get up there earlier than sunset! Next was dinner time and we got a text from Reed, giving us an entire list of choices on where to dine. I am very easy-going when it comes to choosing where we eat. In fact I prefer the other person to choose just in case they don't like where I picked. I can't deal with the stress of thinking they don't like it throughout dinner!

A BIG Announcement...!

The restaurant that we picked in my eyes was PERFECT! It was called 849 and was pink and white inside. It was very classy, sophisticated and had a trendy vibe to it. I like to try a couple of things, which is great because the boyfriend and I just share everything. He never gets mad if I steal food off his plate! We had a couple of the signature cocktails at the table and after dinner, we made our way to the bar, where we shared a dessert. I say shared... I know what you are thinking! No, I didn't take most of it! One moment I was having a sip on my blueberry cocktail and the next I look up and the last big chunk of the hot chocolate cake brownie with ice cream had completely vanished! 

I had to film workout videos in the morning so I guess he was doing me a favor...what do you think? Just kidding! After that moment we were sitting next to each other at the bar and he turned to me and started chatting about us. He looks at me and says 'I know there have been a few mentions of the word 'boyfriend' between the two of us and I do want you to be my girlfriend'. Ahhhhh! My face lit up, I had this huge smile and inside I felt amazing. I gave him a big cuddle, kissed him and said 'I would love to be your girlfriend.'

We checked out one more bar just a few blocks along the street called Birba which at night is the prettiest and most romantic place to go. Now we are not the most romantic people, so this place really set the scene for that! I highly recommend this place because of the decor. It's all outdoors. lights and pretty trees all the way around with sofas to sit on. The service was a little slow, but it was Friday night and we were in the corner, so no hard feelings to this place!

Time to workout!

I was up Saturday morning bright and early to film two workouts by the pool. Lighting is one of the hardest parts when you are taking photos and fiming, something we were both getting used to. We had all the equipment set up, so I jumped into place and then we could see it wasn't the right time to start shooting. As we were waiting for the light to get a little brighter the temperature was starting to rise and just standing in my workout gear I was getting a sweat on! We had Alphie on camera two and the boyfriend on the main one. 

This was the first time the boyfriend had seen me film my videos. Most people that watch me are very surprised at how I do it all in one go and are clapping and going 'wow' after I finish. The boyfriend is cool as a cucumber and goes 'Okay great, next one!' Haha, maybe secretly he was super impressed and just didn't want me to know in case I got him to work out and talk for 10 minutes too! After my nightmare in the Dominican Republic of filming on my own and everything being out of focus, it was so much more enjoyable to film with him there. He got on with it, checked lighting, angles and made things happen. So very useful, I think checking out his Instagram at the beginning of our relationship was well worth the research ;-)

Let's EAT

It didn't take long until both workouts were filmed and then it was time for lunch! I know that a key point to a successful day is not letting there be too big a gap between food. The boyfriend was getting 'hangry' after a morning of helping me do my thing. We jumped in an Uber and went to Cheeky's brunch, which looked like the most happening place in Palm Springs on a Saturday morning. There is always a bit of a wait, in fact I think after we put our name down it was around 30 minutes, so make sure when you go that you are prepared! We ended up having a Bloody Mary and mimosa (or as I like to call them, Bux Fizz) in the bar next door while we waited.

I don't think I have seen French toast and eggs Benedict inhaled so fast, apart form the brownie the night before! The food was really good, I did have my post-recovery shake before all of this though! Feeling full, we headed back to the villa where we cranked up the music, did a photo shoot and spent some time chilling in the pool on my floaty!

Our pick-up time was later in the afternoon and neither of us had to drive, which was the best part! We had a great driver from Tesloop take us back to Newport. We were able to look at all the photos on the way back and reminisce over the fantastic two days we had just shared. It was a new experience working with someone you are dating (Now officially boyfriend and girlfriend!!) It could've gone two ways, it seems that we are very compatible for each other because we worked so well as a team, getting the job done and having fun along the way.

Check out our video we made!

I went to Palm Springs to enjoy the heat, film some videos and get creative. I came home with all that and a boyfriend, one that asked me to be his girlfriend the old school way. I think I did good! Super excited for you to see the workouts! Please comment on this blog and subscribe to my channel, I love interacting with you!