Rescued in Mammoth Mountain


I absolutely love the warm weather and ocean sands of California, but I also really enjoy a good ski trip. This was my third time skiing and I was so excited for me, Cory, and Alphie to head to Mammoth Mountain! As if the name itself didn't send shivers of excitement down our spines, seeing the place in person filled us with a need for speed! 

I didn't have to tell Alphie twice; he was all ready and raring to go and hopped right into his travel bag! I couldn't even get him out of it, so I had to half carry, half drag him to the car while he held tight in the bag! 

Getting to the mountain resort was an adventure in itself! There were blizzard conditions and we even had to stop a few times because we couldn't see where we were on the road! Fortunately, we found our accommodations safe a sound. We were going to stay in a cozy little cabin, but when we got there, we saw that there were other guests already there...turns out the owner had accidentally rented the lodge to both of us for the same day! We were going to stay with these new people, but we decided to check out another place.

We eventually found it...locked and with no keys in sight. We had to give the owner a call, but he gave us permission to use the accommodations! Yey! The place was nice and warm, with a cute lodge decor. Wood motifs and plaid blankets made the space look so warm and comforting, which was perfect after a long day on the slopes.


We planned to film a workout for you all while on our trip, but we needed to prep a workout space first. Cue Cory with a shovel and some pure manpower to clear out some snow so that I could have a nice wide space to feel the burn! It is literally just me and Cory when we film workouts and plan things, no fancy crews and equipment here! Since we missed the daylight for filming, we weren't able to film that night, but at least the space was cleared!

Mammoth Mountain had a lot to offer to us. There is a snow tubing park, a cozy cafe, the village ski and board shop, and scenic gondolas to enjoy throughout the day. You can rent equipment if you didn't bring your own, as well as check up on the riding and weather conditions on the trails. It felt like we spent a long time walking around before we were finally able to hit the slopes, but hit the slopes we did!

It was such a rush gliding down the hills on my skis. Cory was close by with his killer snowboard moves, and together we were shredding some serious powder. Alphie was safely back in the lodge! No skiing for him, but he did have fun playing in the snow with us!

During one of our days here, we headed up to June Mountain, which was about a 35-minute drive away from our cabin. The skiing here was incredible! The views are so good, and seeing the blue icy mountains and snow-topped trees will take your breath away. Oh, and a special thanks to Blenders Eyewear for making me look fresh and funky on the mountain!


Okay, so I ended up taking a tumble and busting up my knee! Fortunately, nothing is broken, but it was a good fall, and I wasn't even able to stand for a while! Cory was a gentleman and got me some goodies to make me feel better, and I had to spend the rest of the trip taking it easy back at the lodge. filming a workout at Mammoth Mountain, but I will get on with my speedy recovery so that i can get back in action for you all!