Adventures with Wildlife

Our travels around Ecuador were full of non-stop adventure! Sometimes there were laughs of pure joy, and other times we had some nervous laughs, but it all turned out great in the end! The thing with traveling is that you never really know just what's going to happen, especially when you have a high-maintenance YouTube boyfriend!

We were in Guayaquil for a bit, where the weather is always hot, humid, and sunny. Guayaquil has lots of sights to offer, including the Iguana Park (also known as Parque Seminario,) and the pedestrian bridge over to Isla Santay. We opted to ride some rental bikes ($4) over the bridge, which was lots of fun and a nice way to keep active on our trip! If you don't want to walk or bike along the bridge, you can also take a boat ride up the river.

Now, Guayaquil is not the safest city in Ecuador according to my Ecuadorian friends who live there, so keep your wits about you and keep your belongings on you at all times! The boyfriend was keeping me close because he was worried someone was going to try to whisk me away! Of course, he protected his camera equipment more, but...anyway! Many of the people here were super friendly, and it's really worth a visit. I loved the Fit Camp I held there and it was so cool meeting everyone who came out for it. Thank you! 

Being the thrill-seekers that we are, we checked out the adventure park, where we did some paddle boarding and jumped from a rope swing! Whatever you decide to do in Guayaquil, be sure to fuel up with a local snack - patacones. They are fried plantains drizzled with salt and farmer's cheese and they're delicious! 

Our time in Guayaquil ended with us being interviewed by one of the newspapers in Ecuador, El Universo. I was being interviewed along with one of my Team Fearless members about our fit cam we were having that weekend. We have more coming so contact me if you would like to join the next one!  Then we were hopping on a plane to get to San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands. Lots of natural flora and fauna awaited us on this boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, giant tortoises, and plenty of sea lions, some of whom joined us in our workout videos! You'll see what I mean!

Our hotel The Golden Bay was one of my favorite hotels to date. We were warmly welcomed by their great and attentive staff. Our room was incredible, huge bathroom and shower that was sleek and modern. The bedroom had a 90 degree view of the ocean and sea lions with a huge bathtub right in front of the bed. It was my style with the clean lines and white decor. They have a small pool and on the roof top a jacuzzi! We filmed our 15 minute Thigh thinner up there which was amazing, what a view we had. The bar area was the best for watching sunsets and having a cocktail. All the food we had was great, we loved the atmosphere of the Golden Bay and they always had great music playing which is a essential for us! 

We wanted to see as much as possible, so we took a highland tour to Galapaguera de Cerro Colorado, a tortoise reserve. We also visited Puerto Chino Beach, where we got some great photographs and video footage for our vlog. One of the coolest spots we visited was Laguna El Junco, the volcano lake. It holds 9 million gallons of water and was once an active volcano! Don't worry; it's extinct now, but it's still really cool to hike up there and see the massive structure.

When we wanted to get a good lunch, we visited the Hummingbird Restaurant, which has a $5 lunch special. The meals consists of soup, fish, rice, and vegetables. Yum! That certainly gave us the energy we needed to continue with our adventures around San Cristobal! Next up on the list was Punta Carola Beach, which we walked to from our hotel. It's a really great surf spot, but we opted for snorkeling over a rock reef, where we saw lots of tropical fish and a big turtle.

Another awesome place for diving is Kicker Rock. We took the Galapagos Blue Evolution boat trip to Kicker Rock to do some open-water diving.. They offer different services, depending on what you want to do during your stay! When it was time to stop for lunch, we chose to stop on Manglecito Beach. It's a popular destination for families because of the white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and friendly animal and bird species. 

San Cristobal Vlog

As you can see, our time in San Cristobal was non-stop and so much fun! We continued with our adventure by traveling to Isabela Island where we were staying at The Iguana Crossing. We boarded a flight to head over to the Island to see some penguins. The views from the plane were gorgeous, and I was feeling free as a bird! And then...we discovered that Isabela Island has NO ATMs. We were in a bit of a pinch, since we didn't bring enough money with us onto the island! So we ended up spending a good few hours of our trip trying to get some cash wired to us! TIP: Western Union will save the day, but try to just bring plenty of cash to begin with!

With that drama out of the way, it was time to hop onto our mountain bikes and do some serious cycling! Whoo! We were so wiped out from that trip, but at the end we came to a
beautiful beach and we met Phillip the Penguin. Okay, so I named him Phillip, but he was one lone penguin and he needed a buddy! We also got up close and personal with big lizards and
giant tortoises. There was so much wildlife on Isabella Island! The funniest creatures were probably the Blue-Footed Boobies!

One of the most exciting parts of being on Isabella Island was the snorkeling trip we took. Huge turtles swam right past us, and we also saw sharks, sea horses, rays, and penguins. So many friends! Or should I say 'amigos!' You'll also notice some great shots of the buildings and people on Isabella Island. Cory did a fabulous job of snapping some photos that show off the relaxation and breezy ambiance of this place!

On a more somber note, we visited the Wall of Tears. It was build during the late 1940's and early 1950's during the Presidency of Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra. The Wall was constructed by exiled prisoners on the island, many of whom died during the hard labor. It's a historical site shrouded in solemnity.

Of course, no trip of mine would be complete without a workout video! I grabbed my mat and hit the sand for an upper-body routine! I also filmed a workout on a boat; that was a first
for me.


Our last morning on Isabella Island had us up super early, but the pay-off was wonderful: a gorgeous sunrise shimmering over the ocean. Then we had to hustle to get back to Guayaquil. That entailed waking up at 4:45a to take a 2-hour boat ride from Isabella to Santa Cruz, and then a 45-minute bus ride to the airport. We waited at the airport for 5 hours only to learn that our flight had be CANCELED. So, we got back on the bus and took another ferry ride to the mainland, where we were put up in a hotel. We were crossing our fingers that we'd make it
back to Guayaquil the next day for the Fit Camp! 

We made it! And what a splendid Fit Camp it was! Thank you to everyone who made it out to Guayaquil to work out with me, spend some time chatting and taking pictures, and just enjoying the positive energy! This was a trip I'll never forget! Gracias!