Fox News in Chicago

3, 2, 1 LIVE on Air

This was my second time in the windy city of Chicago and even though I was only there for 24 hours, it was an amazing trip! I drove up from Anaheim to LAX on Sunday afternoon after being with my Team Fearless girls, dressed as unicorns all weekend!

It was an easy drive to LAX, the difficult part is getting your way around the parking lot to make sure you are in the right section. The next phase was organizing my awkward luggage of tripods, camera and laptops so I didn't have to check-in my bags. I had this huge tripod sticking out the end of my bag! It is certainly not as glamours as it looks, without my photographer, my handy man and's a one-woman job! 

I landed smoothly in Chicago at 11pm, then got to my hotel that was 20 minutes away. Checked in and hit the pillow. With a time difference and an early morning start, I needed an early night. The next morning the air was crisp and a little chilly. I didn't pack quite the right attire for the Chicago weather as I was thinking about the California climate. Nevertheless, I jumped into an Uber and arrived at 8:30am to the FOX NEWS station. 

This was my first live TV segment and I was so excited. I don't tend to get nervous, I feel more excitement and think 'lets see how this experience feels'. I went into the building where there were anchors and TV people walking around, going into different rooms. I was led into the green room, where I was to prepare and wait for my slot! We were notified that the segment was to be done outside. Oops! I totally forgot to bring a jumper (sweater)! I wasn't too worried though, just ready to do the fitness moves!


We walked outside (I was with Tommy from my PR team), where we saw the outdoor studio all set up.

The sound team put a mic on me and I started to go through my 5 moves, and THEN!!!

Two minutes before we go live I met the host and we only had one mat... that meant the moves I had prepared that were on the floor we could no longer do.

QUICK!!! Think Rebecca and change up the moves!

I searched my brain for some other exercises we could do and with 30 seconds to spare, it was all set in my brain, ready to go! We were meant to do 5 moves, but in the end we did 4. It went great! At one point, I was teaching the host how to do wood choppers, a move that works your abs, and she goes 'You can hold onto hot dogs' and I go 'yes, or something healthy!' Hahaha, it was kinda funny; check the whole segment on the link below!

After the live session with FOX, it was back to the hotel to take some photos of the awesome location! The ACME Hotel Chicago was super cool, with bright, funky interior and great rooms! The lounge and bar area was very classy, plus it had just been re-done, so it was a great spot to hang out. 

This was about the most rest I got, as next it was time to film a workout in a studio just around the corner. With the most amazing skyline view, Studio 3G was the perfect place to film my workout, which was inspired from my segment with FOX News earlier that morning. I filmed 5 Moves Everyone Should Know for my YouTube channel. The moves are all designed to help with flexibility, movement and toning. 

My favorite thing to do is meet you guys when I travel, so I thought instead of just filming a workout, why not work out with you too! After filming in the studio, we opened the space up to everyone and packed out the studio. I gave everyone a sneak peek of the workout that I had just filmed, so they were the first ones to try it out! We had so much fun and it was great to meet everyone. The fit camp tours are my favorite part of the job, and I can't wait to do more in 2017! I have some great places on the map, just you wait and see!

After getting my things packed up and saying goodbye to everyone, it was time to head to the airport and fly back to LAX. I am terrible at remembering to check in early to get a good seat, so on the way back I was in a middle seat! It's about a 4-hour flight from Chicago and I slept all the way back. I think I was exhausted from the busy day of going from one thing to the next. Chicago is a great city, and I still have not had their famous deep-dish pizza, so I am sure I will be back just to try a piece of that!

Have you been to Chicago? Would you like to go? What are the best things to see and do in Chicago? Write a comment on the blog and let me and everyone know your experience and thoughts!