Camping in Joshua Tree


A lot of you have been giving me awesome feedback about my new vlogs, so I decided to make my own vlog channel on YouTube! Next up on the uploads list is my camping trip to Joshua Tree. You would think escaping into the wilderness would be stress-free? And it was most of the time. I just forgot to think if there would be internet available to upload my content for you! 

I always seem to be glued to my phone, but that's because I'm trying to manage so many things at once! I made a crucial mistake in not realizing that we would be without WiFi in Joshua Tree. Oops! But since I did have my phone, I was able to document our camping trip, and you definitely don't want to miss the banter between me and Cory! How many mustachioed firemen would be able to deal with my British sense of humor? Maybe just Cory!

Check out the vlog! I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION?!

I was rather excited for this trip because it's been a looooong time since I've been camping. Last time I went, I was with my other dog, Harvie. Oh, and both he and Alphie got sick! This time around, it was just going to be me and the boyfriend...and all of the camping equipment I found stashed away in my apartment. Bet you didn't know I had all those goodies hiding in there! Including a COOKER!!

So...3 hours to drive to Joshua Tree and 26 minutes to put the tent up, but we had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. As you will see, we had a lot of natural beauty and wildlife around us, and I had a lot of questions and musings! You'll also get a peek at how things can get behind the's not always easy to be a working team and enjoy a vacation! In the end though, everything turned out well, and our strong relationship helps us get through it all!

We even managed to film you a workout on top of one of the rocks and guess is 15 minutes long! I can't tell you what it is yet so make sure you subscribe to the main channel to get access to all the fitness plans. While we are away we like to eat healthy and it's important to both of us to keep on track with our health wherever we are in the world. I always bring my healthy meal shakes, herbal tea and daily supplements (available on my nutrition plan) for the pair of us and Cory is in charge of food! He brought eggs, spicy sausage and avocado for breakfast, we had tuna salad sandwiches on brown bread for lunch. (I very rarely eat bread, unless it's coated in balsamic vinegar!) For dinner we heated up some pre-cooked chicken with brussels sprouts, oh my this was so tasty! You can never go wrong wit straight up protein and veg!

Our camping trip certainly threw us a couple of curve balls from the universe to deal with and that's what life s all about! Overcoming the next obstacle so you can become more. We enjoyed a yummy nutritious breakfast, lots of hiking, and some snuggles in a cold tent And no sick dogs this time! Have you been to Joshua Tree? Do you like to go camping? Where? Tell me your stories in the comments below!