Flying from the Galapagos to Aruba was about a 48-hour trip! We made it to our Fit Camp with about 30 seconds to spare, not even joking. Between delayed flights and lost bags, I'm just glad we got there on time and were able to have an awesome workout with everyone! 

And so, we made it to the beautiful Aruba, and we couldn't have been happier with our room at the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. We had a lovely view of the sea and the palm trees and it just really felt like paradise. Let me tell you, we were ready to just kick up our feet and relax! Knowing us, you probably suspect that this didn't happen, at least not entirely! We had to film a bit for you all! 

We were welcomed into the grand entrance and we new we were going to have a great end to our trip away. There is also an option where you can upgrade your daily stay with access to the lounge. In this lounge you can get breakfast, lunch, evening appetizers and cocktails. If you like to try new places then you don't need to add this option. Be sure when you check in to find all teh happy hour spots at the different restaurants. If you plan it right you can hop from bar to bar catching the magnificent sunset as you go! 

You'll be thrilled to know that I have some new workouts coming for you that were shot in Aruba, and you'll get a glimpse for yourself to see just how blue and serene the ocean waves were there! There was such a positive and energizing feeling to being near the Aruba sea; it was magical! We filmed one in the adults only pool that has cabanas, peaceful music and you can see the ocean while you relax by the pool. This was a great place to read a book, unwind and be with friends away from children. Behind the pool was one of the coolest gyms I had ever been into and by far one if the best views. It was on the second story, the treadmills looked straight out so you could see both the pool and run off into the ocean. Certainly a great way to get motivated!

Our other workout was filmed looking back at the resort on a dock. We loved filming here because we could show just how amazing the water was! And we definitely took full advantage of the gorgeous ocean. One of our adventures was snorkeling on a ship wreck! I noticed this spot along the beach from our hotel, so we grabbed some snorkels and masks and walked over to it. No one else was around, so we jumped into the water and swam around this sunken boat! There were colorful fish all over; definitely worth the extra effort! 

I also took a yoga paddle board class with SUP Yoga and Vela Aruba, which was a first for me! We practiced our yoga poses and movements while floating atop the crystal blue waters on our paddle boards. I didn't even know that this kind of yoga class existed! The boards stay tethered down so that you don't float away from the class.


Of course, there was just as much fun to be had on land, too! One of the coolest parts of our trip was going on an off-roading Jeep tour with De Palm Tours to the natural pool and bridge, as well as the California Lighthouse. It was noisy and bumpy and wild and awesome! It truly was an exhilarating experience. The natural bridge was incredible; we stepped out of the Jeep and onto a huge rock structure that formed a bridge over a pool of ocean water. It felt surreal. The end of the tour takes you to the lighthouse, which stands tall and mighty in the glistening sun. 

After all of that action, we were ready to eat! The Aruba Marriott has an amazing restaurant on the beach, and we actually ate there all three nights we stayed at the resort. You get to put your feet in the sand with candle lights as you enjoy the ocean breeze. They offer delicious seafood and fresh ingredients, so we highly recommend it! It was a perfect and romantic evening to our action packed days.

There were a wide selection of restaurants that you can choose from at the Marriott which fitted everyones needs. We are big breakfast people and being able to select from either a buffet or a great selection menu as we looked over the ocean was the best way to start any day! The food was great, the atmosphere pleasant with great staff. There is also a Casino in the hotel which certainly makes for some late night fun and gambling. We went in one night and played a few rounds of crabs. There was a very energetic feel in the room and defiantly worth a quick visit after a couple of cocktails!

Thanks to Aruba Tourism Authority! If you all haven't been to this incredible place, then you need to put it on your travel list! Tell me about a great hotel or location you stayed at!