Live Out Your Adventure - Nicaragua

Get the story behind the video in today's blog...

Happy September everyone! Wow does anyone else feel like this year went so fast? I remember January like it was yesterday. They say that the older you get the quicker the time goes and i can definitely feel that. A lot can happen in 9 months and this year has been no different. I wanted to right this blog post and I have been excited about doing it.

It is sometimes hard for me to find the balance between being open and real with people, trying to please everyone and not be afraid to try something new. This year has had a very different outcome than what I first thought was going to happen and although I was sad for a short time what has actually happened is much more than what I was going to get!

Isn't it amazing that sometimes when you think you have it all and life is going to be so perfect you can't think of another way it could be? Well that was how I started my year. I had an idea in my head of how my life was going to be planned out.. only to come to find 6 months later it wasn't going to be any of my original plan. At the time i thought there was not going to be anything better... you ever felt like that? its so funny how all of a sudden right around the corner is something better than before and actually what you really want?

I could not be more happy and excited for the future as I am today. I have been through pain, sadness, excitement, confusion, fear and certainty all at once and it sure is a whirl wind. I have had time to be on my own and really find out what drives me and as cheesy as it sounds find out who I am. You might of seen a few different kinds of posts and pictures on my site and social media and i wanted to show that side of me too.

It is always tough when you bring something new to your community when you are used to doing something. I have had to come to terms with not everyone might follow you into your new direction and thats ok because I need to be me. In fact I am just going to let myself get more creative when it comes to fitness and at the same time add in my love for travel, helping people and doing some crazy things! 

Lots of people are like why to do you do that or why you trying to do this and honestly its not for anyone in particular. It's for me to express myself and hopefully on the way encourage someone else to reach out of their comfort zone and maybe try something new. I want people to dream, dream so huge that they think they are mad!

I swear I have a little bit of insanity about me because i genially do not believe anything is impossible. I believe that anyone is capable of anything and that its just our own befief or lack of that sets us far away from achieving something. Fear is something that is made up by our own mind, its like a juice running through your brain. Some people have more fear juice running around their mind than others and its only because ether are drinking more if it. if you stopped drinking the fear juice and filled your mind with belief think how much more you could be, not only for yourself, for other people. Take faith or fear.

This new video shot in Nicaragua put me in my element. I wanted to bring you all there with me and so much so I will be organizing a retreat there next year. I hope that you continue to be inspired by my workouts, travel and inspirational thoughts as I go on this new adventure. The time is now for you to live out your adventure!