Insta-Trip to Dominican Republic

So what happens behind the scenes...?

In my previous travel blog, I told you about my fit camp in Prague. Well, I had barely been home for 24 hours when I was off on a plane again...this time to the Dominican Republic! 

There was no way that I was going to turn down a trip here, even if it was just for a couple of days. This was actually an Insta-trip, so other Instagram and YouTube influencers were there. I was nervous about socializing because believe it or not I'm an introvert! In the end though, I had very little to worry about. Everyone was so nice and I clicked with people and got to make some new friends. What I wasn't expecting was a 10-hour flight...and then when I landed, I realized that it was incredibly hot. I was dressed for a British autumn!

As you can imagine, the Dominican Republic was absolutely beautiful and I took lots of photos of the resort, the gardens, and the sea. The other influencers and I went to fun parties and get-togethers, including a neon party where we danced and had bright paint thrown all over! I stayed away from the alcohol and got to bed early because I had workout videos to film in the morning. Unfortunately, my own camera broke, but the resort was kind enough to lend me a camera. Thank you!

Check out the archery action!

Up bright and early, I filmed four workout videos (this was the second batch because the first batch was totally out of focus), but then I realized that one of the videos had poor lighting. So, I was left with three workout videos, but three out of four isn't bad! You'll get something else for the fourth video! 

The rest of my trip was short but sweet. A hurricane prevented us from doing water sports like windsurfing, but I did get to do archery (a favorite of mine since childhood) and I also tried my hand at trapeze and aerial tricks! The resort had partnered with Cirque du Soleil, and it was so cool to try these activities. I'm working on my core strength and flexibility, so this was a perfect experience.

Before I knew it, I was back on a plane and flew back to Miami and then LAX. I actually arrived hours before my luggage, which was stuck in Miami, but I drove home and went straight to bed. I was exhausted, but I had so much fun! Be sure to check back soon to read about my trip to Chicago!

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