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Join the thousands of people getting amazing results with my Nutrition Plan and 30 Day Get Fit Program!

These gorgeous transformations are so inspiring! This community is made up of your new girlfriends and supporters. Our mutual motivation can make dreams come true!

Success stories like these are produced by the Nutrition Plan, a meal-by-meal guide that will help you to fuel your body with all the slimming, nutrient-packed foods it deserves. As a member, you’ll receive everything you need to know: what to eat, when to eat, and why. You’ll have access to thousands of delicious recipes at your fingertips and get tons of advice and encouragement!

"Thank you for helping me to start a healthy lifestyle. I LOVE IT. Everybody should try it and see how much it can help to look better, and what is more - to FEEL better." -Olga

"I slimmed down 125 lbs and just celebrated my wedding!" - Candis

"I have more energy, feel great, and I’m taking better care of my health! So proud of this journey I started last October!" - Nancy

"My transformation was more about how I felt on the inside, about my health, and that’s not something I can show you in a picture. While I’m happy with the physical changes I’ve worked so hard for, they aren’t comparable to the non-physical changes, and they keep me going. Comparing yourself to others can be exhausting and that's not what I want for me. I’m doing what I want which is to KICK ASS, be EMPOWERED by my workouts, and feel STRONG, but still enjoy life and value balance!” - Maria

"I changed my lifestyle 2 years ago and now feel stronger than ever. I’ve actually gained 4 lbs. of muscle! I focus on balance, and a healthy lifestyle turns off my brain, makes me happier, stronger, and healthier. If you want to change yourself, start to work on it; don’t just watch the numbers on the scale." - Andie

"Hopefully I can keep others motivated. I started this journey in a really dark place and have come far from it. I have stopped making excuses. I do not deprive myself, but I know how hard I work at the gym. Results don’t come quickly, but this is the way you can keep them. I started this journey October 2016. The first picture is a month later, where I was already down 9 lbs. I am still going, 35 lbs. down. 15 more to go! I know deep down I am making progress and I need to stay patient. #youarestillworthit" - Katrin

"Everything is in our hands and we decide what it will look like. I chose to lose 30kg. This is the ‘new me!’" - Patrycja

"I'm in the best shape I've been since I was in college because of your help, Rebecca! I work out for only 35 min a day, 5x a week, and I use your arms and abs videos, run 1 mile a day, and eat better. It has changed my life! Thank you! Here is a before and after photo of me when I started working out in August 2016 versus May 2017!” - Sarah

"This is Seema and she started with her journey in December 2016. She is down 15kgs and still going strong. She started with the Fit for Fall Challenge and still continues to take her shakes, follows healthy diet and works out everyday. She’s also a mom to one child." - Seema

"I lost 12 pounds because of you and I had a horrible c-section, but my core feels so much stronger now. I watch you everyday, and I feel so much stronger now that I'm training for a half marathon! You have changed my life and you are so motivational!" - Amelia

"First of all I would like to say - huge thank you. Thanks to you and your amazing videos, I lost 14 kgs. I like everything about your videos. They’re motivating, easy to follow, and you have a million versions of exercises for every body part and that's allowed me to have enough choice to follow you, as well as no excuses not to follow. Thank you!" - Aija

"Thank you so much for the inspiration! I am so excited because I enjoy your workouts SO much! The greatest project you'll ever work on is YOU!" - Anouck

"First I want to tell you that I am a big fan of you and your exercises.I accidentally discover your videos aprox 3 months ago and now I can't get enough of them.Everyday I make a mix of your exercises,usually 3 of them and my body changed day by day.I lost 10 kilograms in 3 months with a healthy diet and your exercises.Your videos made a big impact on my body and they are very entertaining and funny too.Now I have the weight that I wanted with beautiful shapes on my body thanks to you.Unfortunately I have a problem with my legs,both of them had a surgery in the past because of varicose veins.I noticed when I do the squats exercises I put a lot of pressure on my legs and it's not really recommended because varicose veins can develop again.I really love your leg exercises I do them all the time but I am a little bit worried that it's to much for my legs.I would like to ask you if it's possible for you to recommend me a leg exercise video from those you already have,what doesn't make a lot of pressure on my legs but still keep them in shape.Thank you for everything you do for all of us who are working out home,you are amazing.Every day I cannot wait to get home and do some exercises with you." -

"Hi Rebecca, I've been doing your workouts for a month and I can say that i've seen some changes...not just physically but I am more confident now and stronger, Thank you for inspiring us! I am really happy and I exercise every morning with you. I really love it!????I am really grateful that I found your exercises and they help me feel more confident, younger, and stronger." - Jane

"I discovered you almost two years ago, first on XHIT then I switched to your own channel. Fitness became fun and I started seeing results soon. In addition to your video workouts I go swimming and running more frequently, but you are always what keeps me inspired and motivated. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel happy and confident in my own skin. I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am without you and just meant to say thank you." - Sonja

"I discovered you almost two years ago, first on XHIT then I switched to your own channel. Fitness became fun and I started seeing results soon. In addition to your video workouts I go swimming and running more frequently, but you are always what keeps me inspired and motivated. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel happy and confident in my own skin. I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am without you and just meant to say thank you." - Laura

"Hi, I just wanted to show you how much your videos have helped me... I've lost weight, gained confidence and I actually enjoy exercising! Never thought I'd get to a point where I'd feel so good about myself." - Emily

"After two years I have finally got the result I want with the help of your videos. In spite of my back problems I didn't stop and I know I was very slow in achieving them. Whenever I lost hope, your videos were the ones which motivated me. Thank you so much. It was quite a herculean task for me to come this far; I had to reduce my weight and your blogs and videos are such motivating factors for me. I would not have come this far and maintained if not for you. Thank you so much for the inspiration." - Brinda

"Found you by chance and loved following your workouts specifically, so I checked out your website and I was hooked. It's the first time I've been able to stick to something because you always change it up. Now I follow your Calendar religiously and it's changed my life completely. I've struggled with my weight my entire life and so to find something that has caused me to change my entire lifestyle and not just make working out a habit here and there when I feel like it has been amazing. I'm in the best shape I've ever been so thank you!" - Anonymous

"After I watched your workouts, I gained a lot of confidence and determination to be fit and healthy. Your words inspired me and gave me a lot of confidence. I'm happy and feel great about myself now." - Chacha

"I’ve been following your workouts online, and I’ve been inspired to achieve the body that I want. No matter the distance between us, I continue to stay strong and motivated! I hope I inspire others with my message! I’m feeling the burn!" - Corpuz

"This is a wonderful transformation, not just in body, but in mindset, too. I am now living a life where I am in control of my attitude, and I decide to be happy and choose health everyday! It’s about making positive changes on the inside and outside." - Jen

"I made a change for the better and developed healthy habits that I can stick to! It's all about feeling better in body AND mind." - Dhimahi

"Not only do I have more energy now, but I feel so much better about my body and myself as a person. I hope I’ll inspire many others." - Irma

"It was lots of hard work but look at the improvement I’ve made on my abs! I can see the definition and I am proud of all the hard work. Results DO come, and it's all about getting the motivation to get started!" - Gabriella

"I’m so proud of myself for having the motivation to get fitter and healthier, and for developing the habit to keep going! So excited to see how my journey continues." - Diana

"I have been doing your workouts and committing to a healthy lifestyle. I'd say it's working quite well!" - Lynsey

"So proud for making my goals a reality! I wanted to make a change and I did it! I hope I inspire others to do their best EVERY DAY". - Vanessa

"This is what consistency and believing in yourself can do!" - Mara

"I’ve been working on my glute gains, just like Rebecca!" - Ehsian

"I worked out with you consistently and saw these incredible results!" - Anonymous

"So proud of my hard work and consistency! I used the 9 Moves for a Flatter Stomach along with some others and changed my eating habits to healthy ones!" - Candi

"I got amazing results on your last challenge!" - Akriti

"I got great results using your Guides!" - Remalyn

"This is three months of following your workouts!" - Gael

"Fitness is important, but nutrition is key!" - Alunia

"A big and hearty thank you to Rebecca from Hong Kong! I started my weight loss journey in March 2015 and it has been one year. I love following your videos as they are so motivating! Every time when I want to give up, Rebecca you are here to keep me going. Till now I have lost 35 pounds and I can definitely feel my body getting stronger and stronger! Living a healthier lifestyle makes me more productive and positive. Really hope that you can come to Hong Kong soon! Thank you Rebecca!" - Renee

"It’s been an incredible 6 weeks on your workouts!" - Alison

"When you lose 25 pounds and feel fab!" - Gina

"13.5kg down and looking incredible!" - Anja

"Love using the hashtag #myglutesareonfire when I do your workouts! It’s not always easy, but getting to the place you want to be is totally possible! This is a one year difference...down 27 lbs! Thank you, Rebecca-Louise!” - Steph

"Here’s a before and after! One part of me says ‘Don’t do that silly, you’re in your underwear!’ Other part of me says ‘meh, it’s no worse than a bathing suit, and you should feel confident and proud of your accomplishments.’ I went with second me." - Meg

"I follow along with Rebecca’s videos and look forward to the new one every week!" - Edyta

"Hi Rebecca! I just want to say a massive thank you coz back in December I was fed up with being body conscious and started working out and found your videos a couple months back and they have been amazing. I’ve always struggled with severe anxiety and this makes me feel so much more confident in myself, so thank you." - Heidi

"Thanks for inspiring us in your fun workouts online. I’m glad you are always updated and there is always something new from you for us! This is me now! Thank you and keep inspiring us!" - Catie

"2 months on the Calendar!" - Courtney

"Feeling awesome! I have lost about 22 pounds since December. I joined this program when my weight plateaued." - Megan

"Thanks for your motivation! You helped me so much! I feel so confident and happy. Thanks for your work and videos!" - Gina

"I’m a mother to a 13-month-old son and wanted to lose some baby weight. I paid more attention to what I ate and started doing your videos. I started slow and built up from there. Now I’m more confident and feeling great!" - Weena