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Did you know the average healthy person needs between 30 and 50 ounces of fluid per day? It sounds like a lot, but these fluids can come from more than just water. We get hydrated from fruits and veggies, as well as other drinks that we consume throughout our day. I'm always telling you to stay hydrated before, during, and after exercise, so I thought I'd go a bit more in depth about the importance of hydration!

Hydration doesn't just keep us from feeling uncomfortably thirsty; drinking enough fluids means that our bodies can function optimally. Hydration plays a role in our brain and heart function, and also helps to carry nutrients to our cells and boost our muscle performance. No wonder I've always got some hydration close by during my workouts!

Think outside the box when staying hydrated! Plain old water can get boring quickly! I love putting cucumber slices in my water...there are so many different possibilities! Mint, berries, lemon, orange, ginger, lime...I could go on! Just be careful with drinks that contain a lot of caffeine; these dehydrate you quickly! Did you know that sugary drinks and juices can be tough on the tummy if you're dehydrated? On top of that, these drinks are usually filled with empty calories and pumped with sugar!

Do I have a favorite drink for when I'm working out? Yes, I do, and it's available on my Nutrition Plan. I've got a drink that I have before my workout, as well as an electrolyte-packed drink for during my exercise. Afterwards, I refuel with more hydration and my post-recovery shake! Remember that the more active you are, the more fluids you'll need. Boost your fluid intake on hot days, too.

If you're having trouble getting all of your fluids in a day, try having a timer to remind you to drink water! Always carry a water bottle around with you, and keep sipping. Drinking enough water can help you get clearer skin and lose weight! What's your favorite way to stay hydrated?