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After flying from LAX to Hong Kong, and then to Bali, we were ready to be in a relaxing place. The Bale didn't disappoint at all. Once we stepped into the resort, we fell in love with the decor, ambience and warm welcome. There was a private pool and large daybed in our room, well I say room it was more like a villa! We also had room service and a great deal of space to shoot you guys a workout right from our bed! We had a four-poster bed, huge bathtub, and not one, but two showers (indoor and outdoor.) Cory definitely gave The Bale extra credit for that. He takes numerous showers throughout the day!


We wanted some food once we got there, so we went to the tapas restaurant on site, it had a great vibe and some nice small plates that were perfect for us to share and try a few local cuisines. The next morning we were up bright and early to film the first workout, you will have to wait and see which one it was but let me tell you I couldn't laugh for the next three days! I think that this was the best workout that we've filmed so far as our lighting and sound was on point! The Bale was the best place for us to film - no weird sounds or distractions. We spend the rest of the morning taking photos and shooting a promo video for the resort.

We spent our afternoon chilling by the pool, taking some drone shots, and visiting the hotel's private beach. There is a lunch spot there to get a good meal and some oceanfront relaxation. The hotel provides a shuttle to the resorts private beach area which is only a three minutes down the road. We loved our room so much that we didn't even want to leave; we had everything we needed. We even had a romantic dinner, with lit candles forming a heart shape around our table. We had two starters, the main course, and a cheeky dessert right there in our hotel room.

One of our favorite parts of The Bale was that we could order as much food as we wanted for breakfast. We thoroughly enjoyed that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all! Another great thing about this hotel was that the spa is open at night. We like to use all the daylight hours doing activities and getting footage so having a late night massage fits perfect with our schedules. We got to get every squeeze out of the day and sunlight, and then at 8:30p we had our spa treatments. However, all that was left at that hour were some tiny robes, which looked great on Cory! Our spa treatment started with a foot bath, and Cory needed an extra towel to cover up while sitting down. I could not stop laughing, I just wish I had my vlog camera on me 😉

The next day was my birthday. We had a birthday breakfast with a couple of glasses of prosecco to bring in the new age! What a lovely place to be on my special day. The staff were amazing, and we loved the villa so much I kept telling cory this is what I want to have my house look like. I was calling our room a compound because it was so grand. We're excited because we'll actually be staying at another of Lifestyle Retreats resorts on the tail end of our trip, where we are filming another workout so stay tuned!