Rebecca-Louise Mini Pack

I am so excited that you have decided to start your body transformation journey with me! You will receive everything listed below!

To get started simply book a time and date on the calendar provided for your initial phone call to discuss your health and body goals (all times are in PST.) After the phone call we will then create a customized plan with you that fits into your schedule, dietary needs and most importantly gets you results!

You will receive your coaches personal number where we will be in contact over your journey making sure that you are feeling amazing every step of the way. Let's get started!

What is in it for YOU?

Personal Coaching
Complementary 21 Healthy Smoothies delivered to your door
Full Packed Nutrition Guide
Healthy Recipes
Snack List
Access to the Live Online Workouts 3x a week!
Nutrition Seminars
Exclusive Members Only Email
Access to the Community
Opportunity to be a Coach
25% off Full Length Workout



To get started on my Nutrition Plan all you need to do is book a phone consultation with me. Just select a time and date from the booking form above and I will be giving you a call at that time. All calls are made in Pacific Standard Time, (Los Angels Time Zone). Once you have booked the consolation I will be giving you a call on the number you provide. You will not get charged for receiving the call.


We work with all our clients on a personal level. This means that we will have a call every week to answer any of your nutrition and fitness questions. We love to get to know the people on my programs and build and amazing relationship where we can help you with your body and life goals! We will be giving you the iMessage and Whats App number where you can reach someone 24/7.


Start your morning every day with my energizing and metabolism boosting smoothie. The smoothie is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. All you have to do is mix it with water, making it fast food that will help you lose weight, gain muscle mass and increase your energy! The smoothies are shipped from your country so you don't have to worry about any duty fee! 


You will receive a Nutrition Guide that will teach you how often to eat, what to eat and also what to stay away from. You will get access to many other products that I use that increase your energy, muscle mass and energy.  The initial plan you will get will not be the final plan. This will come after you have spoken with me and I find out what results you are looking for. Because everyone has different goals I cannot make one generic plan for everyone! When we talk I will build your own custom program. This is what makes me different!


It is important to snack on the right foods throughout the day. The snack list will tell you what snacks to have as well as the amount of protein they contain. 


Three times a week my team and I run a online workouts were you can watch in from all over the world. During the hour we will workout for around 45 minutes and everything will be what you can do from home! You will hear stories from other people getting great results and learn a little on nutrition! It is so much fun and we really are a big family!


As a member of the nutrition program you will be the first to know of all the things that are happening as well as get exclusive discount codes on workouts and shop.


The community within the Nutrition Program is unbeatable and you will meet some incredible girls that are on the same journey as you. The community is all on a secret Facebook group that you will be given access too. Everyone posts lots of results pictures, recipes and motivation to keep you on track with your fitness goals!


We also have an amazing coaching program for those people interested in a career in health and fitness. Once we have build a relationship during your transformation journey and you are interested in helping others do the same we can get you registered as a coach with us. This position is available for people all over the world and your job as a coach is to help others get healthy! We give you all the tools and teach you what to do. We have part time and full time paid positions available.

One time payment!