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Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a great option for someone who wants to test the waters, have a healthy breakfast sent to their door, and start the process of getting great results! This program includes a call with one of my fabulous nutrition coaches!



To get started: simply book a time and date on the calendar below – this will be the initial nutrition call to discuss health and body goals with us (all time slots are in PST/LA time). During this phone call, you and your coach will create a customized plan that fits your schedule and dietary needs, and most importantly, gets you results!

You will receive the personal number for your coach who will be guiding you on your Nutrition journey. Your coach wants to check in and make sure that you feel amazing every step of the way, so let’s get started! All calls are free so you will not get charged - this is because we contact you through Facetime or WhatsApp. These applications are free to download; if you are not able to access either service  we can also speak with you via Skype!

Want to receive more of my Nutrition products for faster results and have access to a personal coach who can answer your questions at any time? Upgrade Today!

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We work with all of our clients on a personal level, which makes my Nutrition Plans different from most! If you are looking for something more hands-on with increased access to a coach, check out the Rebecca Louise Kit!

You will have an initial call with your coach to go through your goals, where you are at right now, dietary requirements, and lifestyle habits. If you choose to use the products (like Rebecca personally does) then your coach will give you a call 24 hours after the products arrive to discuss them with you. Now that's service! No other company is going to call you and offer guidance on how to use their products!

The week one call is where you will review your food diary with your coach, and they will suggest changes and items that Rebecca uses which will help you to see results. The week two call is all about deciding where you want to go next - do you want to carry on with the coaching and have someone holding you accountable, supporting you, and answering your questions along the way? YES! We thought so. We can continue to coach for FREE you as long as you renew your product supply! If you do not wish to continue with the products, no problem! We can still coach you and you will have access to everything above just by renewing monthly. Whether you decide to carry on using the products or not, everyone has a call during week four to go through any remaining questions and to get that 30 day results picture. Those who stay on my program will often get a personal call from me, because I like to congratulate our members for their successes and thank them for being part of our amazing community!

You will receive a Nutrition Guide that instructs you about how often to eat, what to eat, and what to stay away from. You will also learn about many other products that I use for increasing energy, gaining muscle mass, and toning up. The initial plan you will get will not be the final plan! This will come after you have had a conversation with your coach about what results you are looking for and once you have built a custom program together. I cannot make one generic plan for everyone because each different person has different goals!

These healthy recipes are going to make you feel great from the inside out! Vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike: you can all incorporate these tasty, balanced meals into the nutrition program, as well as draw inspiration from the recipes to create your own fun food ideas! A nutritious and wholesome diet doesn't have to be a bland experience. Your relationship with food should be as healthy as the things you're consuming! View this list of recipes as a jumping-off point for exploring all the possibilities that delicious nutrition has in store for you.

Start your morning every day with my energizing and metabolism-boosting smoothie, suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. All you have to do is mix it with water or milk option of your choice, making it fast food that will help you lose weight and gain muscle mass! The smoothies are shipped from your country so you don't have to worry about any duty fee! They are also complimentary, so if you do not want them, no problem. There will be more for Alphie!

It is so important to snack on the right foods, and skipping out on balanced nutrition is not going to help you get results! Consuming food between meals will help to prevent overeating once you sit down to more substantial servings, because snacks help you to practice portion control management. This master snack list will tell you what to eat as well as the amount of protein in each item - protein is what's going to keep your body satisfied & energized throughout the day!

As a member of the Nutrition Program, you will be first to know about all the latest community developments as well as receive exclusive discount codes on workouts and shop items. You're going to receive weekly tips, tricks, and motivation to keep you on track and inspired!

Join me, my coaches, and your fellow Nutrition Plan friends every Sunday at 9 am PST for an exclusive live chat where we will get to meet and discuss health & fitness! We will be answering any questions you have and sharing progress and updates with the group!

We also have an amazing coaching program for those people interested in a career in health and fitness! You are able to register as a coach with us once we have established a relationship throughout your transformation journey, then you can help others feel great and get healthy! This position is available for people all over the world, and we have both part-time and full-time paid positions available.

Members get a 25% discount on my full-length workouts! I created these videos so that you can access full-body exercises whether or not you have an internet connection: you're able to download these workouts straight to a computer or mobile device and sweat with me wherever you are! The videos are a comprehensive collection of moves designed to target different key areas of the body and have you feeling fit & confident!

Our community within the Nutrition Program is unbeatable and you will meet some incredible women that are on the same journey as you! The team (including myself and your coaches) is accessible through a private Facebook group that you will be given access to once registered as a Nutrition Plan member. Everyone posts a lot of transformation and results pictures, recipes, and encouragement to keep you on track with your fitness goals!


  • One time payment!
  • Smoothies only available in the 94 countries where we stock the product.
  • All sales are final due to the PDF being automatically sent out. Joining the program means you agree to the terms and conditions as noted by Alphie!
  • For all Calendar, Nutrition booking or questions for us please email: customerservice@rebecca-louise.com