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Join me in Joshua Tree for a relaxed yoga and ab workout that will have you feeling the burn in your legs and core! All you need is a yoga mat, some hydration, and a positive attitude. The great thing about yoga is that it's an individualized practice. Today you might be more flexible, or perhaps you don't want to push yourself too far. It doesn't matter because these next 15 minutes are going to be your time to relax, treat yourself to a good yoga session, and feel proud!
This workout is so great because you can pretty much do it anywhere. I was in the Joshua Tree National Park for this one, but your living room will do just fine! You'll be amazed at how quickly 15 minutes goes by; I was surprised myself! Working out in nature just feels so nice, and if you can, try to take a walk, jog, hike, or bike ride around your neighborhood. The fresh air will do you good!

Breathe in, breathe out, and namaste. Have peace during this workout and bring that positive energy with you throughout your day. Remember that where focus goes, energy flows! Stay motivated and on track with my program, and I'll see you in the next workout!