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What’s Inside


The BURN Bundle has all your essential items to support you ladies during your workout. This combination of goodies contains the cutest & best quality products!


It contains our exclusive Rebecca Louise collection of leggings, sports bras, and tank tops. Also, includes our BURN mat and resistance bands. This pack is perfect for those who crush their workouts and want to look amazing while doing it! 


Ideal for all forms of training, our BURN Bundle combines everything needed to maximize a fitness journey in one package! 

Pack contains:

  • BURN Yoga Mat 
  • BURN Tank
  • BURN Leggings
  • BURN Resistance Bands
  • BURN Sport Bra 


*Team Rebecca-Louise is not responsible for any additional customs, shipping, or delivery fees once the product has been shipped.


Please expect shipping delays on international orders due to COVID-19.

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