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During my time in Palm Springs, I was able to film a workout right by the pool, and how magical it was! We had our own little private area to work out in, and while the scenery sure was beautiful, you will be sweating during this workout, trust me. Would I ever share a workout that didn't give you a good burn?

So get ready to feel the sweat dripping and to have your body tingling, because this workout includes a combination of yoga and cardio moves to get you feeling and looking your best. Whether you are trying to shape up for the New Year, or you just want to get in a good sweat session, this workout will meet your needs!

Remember to breathe during this workout, especially to help you along with the yoga movements. If you've done any barre workouts with me, then you know how important this is! While the yoga moves help to improve flexibility and build strength, the cardio mixed in will get your heart rate up and burn extra fat!

Be sure to try your hardest during this workout, and you will see the results! Improved flexibility, stronger muscles, and of course, a more positive mindset! That's what I'm here for, so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch! And remember that my SHOP is open now!