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We love abs here, don't we? Well today we are really going to push them with a Plank Challenge. It will take you through a series of plank moves for a full 5 minutes, and I want you to try to make it through the whole thing without giving up. Results will come with time, but it also takes 100% effort and a positive attitude!

It's always a good idea to try a fitness challenge from time to time because then you can see your progress and celebrate how far you've come! When I started exercising, I could hold a plank for very long, but I kept going at it, and you can too. Never give up and remember that Alphie and I are always rooting you on! Think about joining me for a fit camp or retreat soon!

I will be doing planks until I'm an old lady, but I know that getting the results I want is dependent on much more than exercise. 80% of my results come from the good nutrition I feed my body. If you need more help in this department, contact me and my coaches so we can get you on the right track!