Nutrition Plans FAQ

How can I pay for my Nutrition Plan?

You can pay with any major Credit/Debit Card OR you can use PayPal via the website and through iTunes/Google Play for the app. You will be billed once you have selected an appointment time and your payment has been processed successfully. This is NOT recurring payment.

How much do the different plans cost?

A domestic Starter Kit is $54.99 USD and an international Starter Kit is $64.99 USD. The Rebecca Kit is $249.99 USD for both domestic and international purchases.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed a one-time fee immediately after purchasing,  can choose to renew your plan each month by repurchasing any product/s used with the program.

How many calls do I have with my personal coach?

The “Starter Kit” includes one weekly phone appointment (four altogether) with your coach as well as the ability to message anytime. The “Rebecca Kit” gives access to an initial call and texting anytime. After you schedule the initial call with call with our online booking system you will receive and email with details about your first call. All calls are done through the free app telegram so you will not be charged for this. You also have access to weekly calls with Rebecca, the coaches, and your fellow Nutrition Plan.

How is the Rebecca Kit different from the Starter Kit?

In addition to the Starter Kit package, the upgraded plan includes two additional products and coaching by Rebecca herself.

Are there vegan/vegetarian options?

Yes, your coach can work with your personal dietary needs to construct a program which best suits your lifestyle. Some individuals may decide to opt out of the smoothie altogether and select a different nutrition-enhancing product with guidance from their coach. The Nutrition Guide recipes (included with purchase) and snack suggestions incorporate a lot of healthy vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Most recipes can be easily modified to accommodate different dietary needs, usually just by switching out a protein source for something you prefer.

Is the price of the Nutrition Plan discounted if I opt out of the products included in the program?

The products are complimentary, so you may choose to exclude them from your program, though there is something for everyone! Your coach will offer the best advice for selecting products to pair with your personal plan. There is no discount applied if you decide to forego products. For more information on Rebecca’s products please visit her Instagram @RebeccaLouiseNutrition. These are the only nutrition products Rebecca uses, she is not sponsored by the company and has used them since 2013. This was the first time Rebecca found a nutrition program that fueled her body with the right nutrition, gave get the results she was looking for, increased her energy, improved her performance in the gym and gave her an overall sense of wellbeing. She now loves to share these products with everyone because of the life change she experienced with them. Now it’s your turn!

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