Rebecca Louise is a global fitness NASM Certified Trainer, best-selling author of It Takes Grit, and founder of the BURN By Rebecca Fitness App.  

An international fitness entrepreneur, Rebecca’s mission to help others overcome excuses and achieve lasting change has garnered her over 400 million views. Her podcast, It Takes Grit, crested 250,000 downloads and has featured influential names including Olympic Medalist Katie Hoff, Candy Valentino, Dr. Josh Axe, and Cassey Ho.  

Her success and insights have been highlighted in VogueCosmopolitanEntrepreneur and many other publications. She’s served as the face for Le Coq Sportif and been an ambassador for globally recognized brands including Nike, Amazon, Nordic Track, GoPro and Disney.   

A continual content creator and empowerment-focused influencer, Rebecca strives to make fitness and success accessible to the masses through her numerous platforms and courses.  

The Mission

My mission is to help you feel like the best version of yourself every single day by bringing you exciting workouts and tasty recipes, as well as giving you the motivation to do it. Like a lot of people, it has taken me awhile to be comfortable in my own skin. At the age of 17, I suffered with anorexia and terrible complexion which led to depression. Discovering the proper balance of exercise and great nutrition set me on track to take control of my health, wellness, and life! After building knowledge about the importance of cellular nutrition from the number one nutrition company in the world, practicing as a certified personal trainer, and being a qualified 200 hour yoga teacher, I am excited to share my experiences and help others reach their goals.

Born in a small town in England called Eastbourne, I came to California in 2011 to get my commercial pilot’s license. I have always participated in sports since a young age and was a South of England Field Hockey player; I was also the sports captain at my high school for the netball, soccer, and track teams. Even after earning my pilot’s license, I discovered my true passion was in fitness and helping others to improve their lives through living a healthy, active lifestyle.

I have embraced the concept that optimal wellness is based on 20% fitness and 80% nutrition. Mindset and the power of the positive thinking is a big part of who I have become and I am here to inspire you to believe in yourself more, to see that anything is possible when you choose to believe it, and that the only limitations you have are the ones that you put on yourself. New workouts and motivational videos released every week on my youtube channel!