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I am so excited that you have decided to start your body transformation journey with me! This was the Nutrition plan that not only took me from skinny fat to ripped, it took me from a path of destruction to one of success. The nutrition certainly changed my physical appearance with smooth skin, healthy hair, and a body to die for! But it also played a major role in my mindset. I was able to think clear, have happy thoughts, and feel more energetic than ever! This is why I want to share exactly what I did with you. Read more about my results & story in the Nutrition Booklet.

What I teach, and what my team teaches, is not how to get in shape with a quick-fix diet. Your Nutrition Plan is something you can work with forever and feel good about it! Please note that we teach you how I got results, not any other program, and I only want to share what worked for me because this is what I know 🙂


The Starter Kit is a great option for someone who wants to test the waters with us, get a healthy breakfast sent to their door, and start the process of getting great results. 

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Ready to transform your body and get serious results NOW? This is the option for you. The plan includes a hands-on approach from our coaches as well as two additional nutrition products. 

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A Year from now, you will wish you started today

- Karen Lamb


Q - How can I pay for my Nutrition Plan?

A - You can pay with any major Credit/Debit Card OR you can use PayPal!

Q - How much do the different plan options cost?
A - A domestic Starter Kit is $54.99 USD and and an international Starter Kit is $64.99 USD. A domestic Rebecca Louise Kit is $119.99 USD and an international Rebecca Louise Kit is $134.99 USD.

Q - When will I be billed?
A - You will be billed a one-time fee immediately after purchasing, though you can choose to renew your plan each month! This option can be discussed with your coach.

Q - How many calls do I have with my personal coach?
A - The "Starter Kit" includes one weekly phone appointment (four altogether) with your coach, and the "Rebecca Louise Kit" gives access to your coach whenever you like! You schedule the initial call with our online booking system during sign-up, then you and your coach will decide when to follow up after that first appointment.

Q - How is the "Rebecca Louise Kit" different from the "Starter Kit"?
A - In addition to the Starter Kit package, the upgraded plan includes two additional products suggested by your coach. These items could include sports nutrition, skin care, energy boosters, & more! The Rebecca Louise Kit also allows you to text and message your coach whenever you have a question (not just during a weekly phone appointment) – which, to me, is the most important distinguishing factor.

Q - Have a question not answered?
A - For all other Nutrition Plan inquiries, please email: customerservice@rebecca-louise.com