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It’s easy for us to get on the fitness bandwagon during New Year’s. Our social media feeds are filled with gym selfies and images of green smoothies, and we start the year with the best of intentions. Yet a healthy lifestyle is not just a trendy thing to make you look cool! You also shouldn’t be intimidated by the fitspo posts you see on the Internet. The truth is that anyone can start a healthy lifestyle. Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going!

This New Year, you may want to start off on a clean slate. Well, no problem! Delve into one of yoga videos to stretch out your body and warm up. You can stop there for now or you can try one of my First Steps videos (abs, arms, legs, etc.) or a beginner’s cardio workout. Looking to bring your fitness to the next level? My 30-day program is available every month, and you can start whenever you like! Your first 7 days are free, so what have you got to lose? How about gaining muscle, health, and self-confidence?

I encourage you to keep in mind that exercising is not just a New Year’s resolution, it’s a lifestyle resolution. Trust me, once you start feeling the strength and balance of your body and mind improve, you will realize that being active holds so many benefits. Your body is where you will live for the rest of this life, so treat it well and with respect!

You may also want to start a resolution of eating better. Sure, there are those detox and diet plans, as well as the concept of clean eating. Yet why do most of these fads die out? Because people are focused on getting quick and dramatic results while putting in minimal work! Again, eating well for your body is a lifestyle choice, and a change that you make for the long-run, not just for those first few weeks of the new year. That’s why I offer a nutrition plan that is sustainable and provides proper nourishment and replenishment. I don’t diet; the word itself says “DIE!”

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What I want you to remember is your why. Why are you working out and eating well? To be in shape for your kids? To improve a health condition? For better-fitting clothes? For stress relief? Think of your why and keep that in mind throughout the year; it will help you commit to a healthy, active lifestyle. Stick with it, and I’ll be with you the whole time! I am bringing you new workouts every week, as well as blogs and updates with @siralphie. Stay tuned and let’s make this new year bright!