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Golden Abs is here to give you a tanned and toned tummy! Join me, Sammy the seal, and Steve the seal as we take you through this 15-minute workout. Yes, this is an extra 5 minutes added to our workout today to give you the best abs on the islands! It was so much fun working out alongside these sea lions; they were motivating me to keep going, and I'm sure you'll hear them in the workout!

Filmed at the Golden Bay in the Galapagos, we're going to get some golden abs! These are some of my best moves that will have your tummy trembling. Seriously, I want you to be able to feel the shakes in your belly as you do this workout! Oh! And speaking of shakes, I always down a post-recovery shake off of my Nutrition Plan when I finish a workout. It's been extremely helpful in achieving my results and maintaining my muscle!

I had the most amazing time at this hotel where we got to shoot two workouts for you. Being able to get up close and personal with Sea Lions was something very special. This is why I wanted to film as close as I could to them so you could share the experience with me and hopefully inspire you to see them in real life one day!

Results take time, but just imagine what you could feel like if you did 30 minutes of exercise each day? Even if you can't make it to 30 minutes, try for at least 10 and a good stretch! You will never regret putting some activity into your day!

I try to include some moves that everyone can try. If you have bad knees, try the leg drops. If you can't lie down on your back, the side stretches will do! Just make sure that when you're doing crunches, you are not straining your neck, and when you are lying on the ground, keep that back planted into the ground!