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Gigi Hadid has become one of the most well-known supermodels of the 2010's. Even at her young age, she has appeared in countless publications and strutted the catwalk for so many designers. Now we can work out just like Gigi! These are the exact moves she does to stay in shape and keep that tight and toned figure! Let's crunch and box our way to a celebrity body!

This Gigi Hadid workout features a mixture of cardio and her favorite exercises, especially boxing moves and crunches. Gigi loves to work out her abs, and the results are amazing, aren't they? We're doing a lot of crunches on the floor, so pay close attention to your form. You want to squeeeeze your back into the floor so that nothing is going to wiggle in there between your back and the floor. This will ensure that you're working your abs and not hurting your back!

Gigi also loves boxing! I want you to go intense throughout this workout, because you want your heart rate to be elevated the whole time. The harder you work, the more fat you're going to bust! You'll also notice that this workout includes a lot of reps. I'll do the counting; you just follow along with me and give it all you've got! Each rep is helping you whittle down the waist and punch away the pounds!

Be sure to comment below! What was your favorite part of this workout? What else should I be doing for 2017? I love hearing your suggestions for new workouts and blogs, so let me know and keep up with me and Alphie on social media!