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It's time to ramp up the intensity and get it all out with a 10-minute cardio HIIT workout. This is going to be your time to sweat and crush it! Whatever you've been feeling today, I want you to just use that energy for all of the moves; just give it all you've got!

I'm really excited for you to try this workout. It's quite a tough one, but you've all been giving me great feedback, and I think a cardio HIIT workout will suit you perfectly! I filmed this while staying at the fabulous Aruba Marriott, and you'll see the beautiful blue waters behind me as we work out from the dock!

Getting through a high-intensity workout like this means that you want to eat something about 30 minutes beforehand. You also want to stay hydrated and keep a drink with electrolytes close by! You also want to do a short warm-up before this workout so that you don't jump start out at full blast and strain yourself. Just think, each and every day you are doing something to help your body and mind. We are doing this together, no matter how far apart we are.

You got this! I know you do! Tell me in the comments how you're feeling after that workout. Follow along on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes fun, and also let me know if you'd like more workouts like this! Special thanks to all of you, as well as the Aruba Tourism Authority. Thank you!