3 TIPS for the BEST buddy vacation!

3 TIPS for the BEST buddy vacation!

Dream becomes reality when we get to travel with our best friends, but it’s important to make sure that your vacation doesn’t turn into a nightmare! When visiting a new place there is a lot of emotion tied into the trip, expectations are set high, so it’s important to be on the same page as your buddy! Here are some of my tips to have a fun time:

It’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to having a good time. Knowing a lot about the person can make the trip run smoothly if you have the same interests! You will bond by doing things you love and compromise will come more easily when you have the same activities in mind. Eating similar food, loving the same activities, and same travel styles is a recipe for a good time. Having different travel styles can really throw off your agenda. Some people like to go with the flow, others like to plan every detail, so talk to your friend and feel out their ideal travel vision! I have such a good time at my wellness retreats because I know that the people I’m going to be surrounded by have the same intentions for what they want to get out of the experience - we can all share in the excitement of traveling together because we’re on the same page, even before arrival time!


Before you go on the trip, it’s important to set a budget with your buddy so you don’t spend more than you can afford. Not everyone is in the same boat financially. You and your friend should have a real discussion about how much you are willing to spend on having a good time, and think about what your spending priorities are. If you are on pretty similar financial terms, it is easy convince each other to overspend. Try not do this because you want to be able to get back home without any worry about finances! At the same time, make a little room for flexibility in case of emergencies or if something unexpected & fun comes up!


No matter how much you love someone, it is always a possibility that you could get tired of interacting with the same person nonstop. You start to notice traits that didn’t used to bother you. The way they chew their food, don’t pick up their clothing off the ground, and take too long in the bathroom are all little traits that can amplify. Obviously, we love our friends and want to protect the relationship, but we must take care of ourselves first. Make sure that you recognize any negative feelings and take action to overcome them! It’s okay to ask to have some time to yourself. Sometimes all we need is to recharge our social batteries to will put us in a better mental state for having the best trip ever!


Do you have amazing travel buddies? I’ll be so happy to meet my new friends during the BALI WELLNESS RETREAT this September, and I want to see you there!

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