Visit Maui & go to a Luau Party

Visit Maui & go to a Luau Party


What a brilliant time we had on our trip to Maui, Hawaii! We have so many fun stories to tell you, so we're sharing with you to show everything we did! Thank you to the Hyatt Regency who kicked off the first three days of our trip! When we arrived to our hotel room, we were greeted and given some awesome gifts to help us settle in. There were drinks, snacks, workout gear, and most important a handwritten note addressed to me and Cory! He was so so thrilled to be included! Our trip was filled with so many great moments and laughter, see it all in action on our vlog!

Among our new friends in Maui was Terry, the talking pineapple, who was going to wake us up in the morning. Okay, so really it was Cory who woke us up, and I'm glad he did. We had a morning of snorkeling ahead of us! This was the clearest royal blue water I've ever swam in, with plenty of beautiful marine life. We even spotted a whale! You can see Cory and I trying to kiss underwater using our GoPro in the video! I really recommend taking a morning boat trip to snorkel at Molikini. We went with Sail Maui and were very impressed with the boat and the staff. They give you a snorkel, mask and flippers as well as your breakfast and lunch. If you do get cold while snorkeling, take a wetsuit or something lighter just to make it more of an enjoyable experience. We went at the end of March so it was still a little chilly in the sea!

Next up was our first attempt at flying our new drone. I got the DJI Phantom4 Pro because this one has the ability to fly itself and I thought it would be safer seeing as Cory and I are not trained!  I must say, our first attempt at flying the drone went really well! Cory's photography and videography skills paid off, and we got some stellar shots of the ocean and beach of Maui! You'll see awesome aerial views of the island in our vlog, and you can watch me take over the drone at the next hotel and compare our aviation skills!

There was no rest for us, as we soon had to get ready for the Hyatt luau party, where you can see Cory's famous dance moves! There were live performances and a buffet full of delicious food and a beautiful atmosphere. We felt the aloha spirit! Part of it might have been the Mai Tais as well, haha!

The luau was a blast, but my favorite was yet to come. We were off on a stargazing date...this is as romantic as it gets for us two! We learned about the stars and astronomy and got some champagne, too. It was dreamy, but instead of focusing on the romance, we were more in awe that we were looking at a star that was 600 lightyears away. Mind-boggling! All in all, this trip was turning out to be super fun and educational. Highly recommended, especially if you are like me and have lots of questions!

Of course, we filmed some workouts for you all, too, so stay tuned because they are coming real soon! We were up bright and early to shoot two 15-minute exercise routines that will be on my main channel. I'm always listening to your requests so I can give you the workouts you want!

After filming, we went to visit some cute friends - penguins! We even got to feed them a fishy snack. They swam right up to us and ate the fish out of our hands. Kind of reminded me of the penguins in the Galapagos...maybe there were vacationing at the Hyatt?

Cory got the drone bug, so we went in search of an epic view to get a great shot. This one had me braving the edge of a cliff, and in the vlog you can see my not-so-impressive reaction to his demands. We are slowly getting the hang of using the drone (well I am a pro, Cory has some work to do as you will see later on.)

After all of that action, Cory needed to be pampered and relaxed. He is my princess and I always strive to look after him by treating him to a massage. We had a couples massage which is always funny because I never know what Cory is going to do after we are left in the room to lay down. He always does or says something that makes me laugh, that's for behind closed doors though! The view from the relaxation room was pretty incredible and of course looking at my handsome man in his robe was a nice sight. (At least he had his clothes on heehee.) Just taking a breather and lounging together in our robes was so nice and a break from our go-go-go lifestyle! With my knee still recovering, I needed it.

I must say, the Hyatt had us covered! The spa was incredible, the scenery was gorgeous, and on our last night we ate at the #1 sushi restaurant in Maui that is also on-site at the hotel. This is also where you can get the BEST shaved ice on the island. There are also so many varieties of beautiful birds, from swans to penguins to cranes, hanging around the property.

Be sure to join me on my next big travel adventure as we take the ROAD TO HANA! Subscribe to the vlog channel to be the first to know when the next video comes out. Tell me about your favorite island paradise to go to!


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