TIPS to get your workout in during holiday travels

TIPS to get your workout in during holiday travels

Someone call Santa Clause because you’re gonna sleigh this holiday season! I know that motivation flies out the window this time of year - so are you going to be naughty or nice your bod?


During this time of the year, our schedules get slammed packed with all of the travels. With the change of scenery it can throw off our regular sweat sessions - so these are my tips to get your workout in no matter the location! 


You’re in new scenery - so you might as well enjoy it! Going outside and exploring your surroundings is a perfect way to BURN off those holiday sugar cookies. Or maybe it’s the perfect escape from all the craziness. You don’t have to run a marathon here - just 30 minutes of moving your body is all it takes to maintain body goals & get those endorphins pumping. 


Nothing better than looking at a friend in an intense spin class fearing for your life - right?! If you’re home for the holidays, call up an old pal and see if they want to join you for a workout. Not only can you bond over the BURN - you can catch up while being productive. Sounds like a win-win to me! 


No one wants to pay a billion dollars to check their bags - so don’t worry about packing the weights. Leave them at home & I promise you that you can find an alternative. Be creative here - I like to use water bottles when I’m on the move! Or you can use a park bench and get some tricep dips in. PLUS my resistance bands are super light to travel with and take up as much room as a pair of knickers. It’s the best way to get the ultimate BURN! 


Just because you’re leaving town, doesn’t mean that you can’t take the workout with you! Home workouts are an easy & speedy way to get your sweat on. You can download the BURN by Rebecca Louise App and always have a 28-minute routine at your fingertips. If your WIFI situation isn’t the best - no biggie! You can always download the workouts in our fitness calendar and do them wherever you want.

So now you know there is no excuse not to feel the BURN during this crazy time of year. When we stay active, we’ll set ourselves up for success to CRUSH 2020! 

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