Post Pandemic Travel Anxiety? Here's What I Have Learned!

Post Pandemic Travel Anxiety? Here's What I Have Learned!

Some of you have expressed your anxieties about traveling again so today I wanted to recap on my first six months of 2021 and share a little bit of insight about how traveling can help you grow! By going outside of your comfort zone, you challenge yourself to LEVEL UP and also allow yourself to experience new things.

I've been to quite a few places already this year and I’m so blessed to be able to travel with inside the USA. There is SO MUCH to do!  In fact, in every country there's so much to do and we often feel that we need to leave our current country to see the world, when really we can go around the corner and see something new every day.

I want to recap on a couple of trips that I've had this year. What I've learned from each one, what I've taken away. What's challenged me in each of those situations and how maybe there's just something today that you could learn from, that will help you with where you're at in your life right now. Because that's what life's all about!! Growing, experiencing, being grateful, loving completely, being authentic and living out your best life every single day. I really feel that traveling and new experiences is the best way to make sure that you are living life fully.

So where’d I go and what did I learn?


Oh my goodness, it feels like such a long time ago that I was in Joshua Tree with one of my best friends (who you might have seen on my social media). Joshua Tree for us was about getting into a new environment so that we could be creative. Sometimes you need to pull yourself out of your current situation, your current environment to be able to see things in a different way.  

If you're constantly working from your own house, if you are wanting to be creative but you just can't get new ideas, maybe you're in a relationship and you can't see out of it, it's really important to put yourself into a brand new environment. Joshua Tree was perfect for this because it has such a spiritual aspect to it. We got to partake in sound healing, and we even spent some time hanging out with baby goats. OMG, so flippin’ cute! I wanted to take one home. I think he would have gotten along great with Alphie and Penny, HAHA! We even went on a little hike and the weather changed very quickly on us. But no problem, we got some good photos out of it!  All of this, we got to do in only TWO nights!

Check it all out below!


It's so important to get yourself out of your normal routine and see a new place and experience other things that you don't normally get to experience. We actually came up with a brand new business action plan for our team members and created it that night! We had some drinks, a bottle of wine, we went into the hot tub, and we just brainstormed. We talked about everything that we felt like our business was missing at that point. And because we were fully immersed, we had zero distractions. So Joshua Tree for us was about getting into an environment where you could get yourself out of your space and be creative, and find new ideas.


Nashville was incredible. What energy and vibes!!! I've actually been to Nashville twice this year already and I’d had never been to Nashville before that! It was that amazing. So much energy, especially if you love country music. Oh my goodness this is like your go to place.

I was there both times to see somebody called Rory Vaden. I've worked with Rory numerous times; he is incredible at helping people build their own personal brand. I'm going to add a link here that you can book a free call with Rory because he is just unreal at what he does and the importance of having a personal brand right now is just so huge! If you haven't already checked out the podcast I did with Rory, listen to it here because it is a game changer

If you've ever thought about having a personal brand, if you've ever thought about wanting to make an impact and using things that you've gone through to help other people, Rory is your go to person. I think the combination of the country music, the energy and Rory Vaden just literally makes the trip so epic. Perfect spot to host live events.

In Nashville, I went out and enjoyed a couple of drinks in the downtown. You can't miss it! It's got such a great buzz about it and then country music just has that feel good feel. Not to mention, this amazing restaurant sushi restaurant called Virago, which is just absolutely unbelievable! Make sure that you go and have the crispy tuna rice with like these popsicle type fizzy things, it was amazing. When in Nashville, I highly recommend going to see Rory, check out Jason Aldean’s rooftop bar (that was my favorite) and then the sushi restaurant.



After those two types of trips, which are very different. I traveled over to Alys Beach in sunny Florida.


OH wow, I have never been to a place like this. I can't even describe what it is. It’s a feeling and I cannot recommend enough how much you need to go there. It's an up and coming spot for it's only been there I think for about 15 years. It was a swamp land before, but you would never know that now. The streets are lined with white buildings, everything matches, it's absolutely beautiful, like even the dog poop bins are like on brand. It's just a place that's incredibly beautiful.

I stayed at the Pearl Hotel for my birthday which was just unreal. I am so grateful I took that time. I was actually there for a team retreat my Team Fearless who had qualified to be there. We went on a spa day, we walked around the town, we went to some incredible dinners, (George's was amazing for lunch), we did a BBQ on the beach and we even hiked! It was just unbelievable.

If you haven't already checked out what Team Fearless is all about, head over to my Rebecca-Louise Nutrition Instagram,  and check out the Alys Beach highlight. It really was a magical trip with a group of people that deserve to be spoiled. I love to spoil my team and recognize them for their amazing success. Overall, it was just incredible, and we had such an amazing time. Again, it's the feel of the place that you get to experience, so make sure to add Alys Beach, FL on your list of places to visit.


Next up in Florida I hopped over to Sarasota, which you’d think that it'd be a 40 minute flight to get across, but you have to change in the middle so it's actually three hours! Surprise! I was not expecting that. Sarasota reminded me a little bit of Miami, but just not so crazy and wild. Feels like a vacation town, you know the boats, so many restaurants, and beautiful beaches. That's one thing that I've really noticed is the difference between the beaches in Southern California compared to the East Coast. In Florida you can actually go in the water in because it's warm, like a nice warm bath. You probably don't want to go into the ocean too much in Southern California is a little bit cold! Also the sand over in Sarasota is just absolutely beautiful.

I really enjoyed Sarasota; I was there for a mastermind. I've joined a couple of masterminds in 2021, which I feel that really helped me level up my life, helped me grow, surrounded me with people that are on the same wavelength as me and are pushing me for my next goals. That has been one of the biggest things I can say has helped me as a person and my business is joining masterminds. Participating and meeting other people who are in the same industry as me, as an entrepreneur is beyond beneficial.

When you're around people that are thriving, that are going places, that are there to help you, really does impact in your own life. I LEARNED SO MUCH from going to these masterminds. There are so many different types of people that I get to meet, and it really does help who you surround yourself with, proximity is power.


I felt like all of these places, Boston, Nashville, and Alys Beach and Sarasota, all have the most unbelievable restaurants. I'm a big person who loves to dress up in the evening and go out and eat yummy food. You know you work all day, hustle, get everything done and then get nicely dressed up, do your makeup put on nice outfit, add your heels on, and go out for dinner! That's literally my favorite.

Boston was so much fun. I was there with a charity called Four Paws that I've been working with since the beginning of 2020. They rescue four legged animals from human captivity. We were doing a fit-camp to raise money for the dog and meat trade industry that is going on in Asia. They rescued 61 dogs from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia and brought them over to the USA! We were recognizing the amazing work that Four Paws does.

After our workout, we had an amazing meet and greet VIP event afterwards and let's be real, it was all about Alphie and Penny! Everyone got to meet the two dogs, and it was just brilliant! I was so grateful to chat with members of the BTES community and also others that came out to the event. We're going to be doing so many more things with Four Paws in 2022. We have a whole tour planned, so I'm excited to do more fit camps around the world and to get to meet more of you!



The story doesn't end there...

We thought that we were going to be flying home on the Sunday morning and when we went to check in the airline was a little bit slow in checking us in. Our airline was trying to check the dogs in first and then checked our bags so by the time they went to check us in they were like, Oh, the gates closed!

I had Lucy, my personal assistant there with me, and the two dogs so we ended up just having to rebook flights with another airline so that we could get out that day because we had a full day of filming on the Monday! Not the time to not get on that flight! Unfortunately the airline that we got canceled on we're not too helpful, however afterwards they did give us a full refund for the inconvenience. I'm appreciative of the airline doing that. We flew with another airline who I've really enjoyed flying a lot more with. They just seem to be a little bit more experienced, and their customer service is better.

I'm just a massive advocate for customer service that's like one of my biggest things when I'm looking at a hotel or restaurant airline or a service, whatever it is! It's the customer service experience.


I find myself reflecting back on all of these trips, and how much I've grown in the six months. It's actually quite amazing to realize how much travel helps you grow, learn about yourself, about other people, because it's a little bit unpredictable. Remember, it's not what happens to us it's how we react to things that makes us who we are.

Once we're out of our normal element, for one, we get to be in a place where we were a little bit more creative, because we see things differently. And when you look at things differently, the things that you look at will change. When you are out of your element, you are faced with different challenges that you wouldn't normally have, for example when we were coming back from Boston, we weren't able to check in for the flight and the gates closed.

All these things happen. You're out of your routine, you're not eating the same foods, you've got to figure it out! You don't have your car, you don't have your normal space to work in so it forces you to be a little bit more calm of situations. You don't want to ruin your trip because you reacted in a bad way. I know that personally… I've been to over 40 countries and every single time I go to a new one I learned something about the culture, I learned something new about myself.


I think just looking back at these five trips in themselves, you can see how much you can get from each one of them, and you can start to think like what if I just did a trip a month? Even if it was just to go around the corner and see a new place that I hadn't seen before. What if I could just see something new every single month?

Jesse Itzler always talks about building your life resume. If you don't have his big ass calendar club, I highly recommend it. It's just unbelievable. I'm a massive fan of Jesse Itzler, I got to meet him at Lewis Howes mastermind in 2019. I then saw him at business mastery at the beginning of 2020 at Tony Robbins event. I was able to go to his camp BYLR in Atlanta which included this amazing physical challenge. I’m just so grateful for my time with him and he was also a reference on my green card, so I have a lot to thank him for.

Look back about your year;  what have you done so far?  How can you add a couple of things, if not one more thing, a month, this year, going into next year that will get you out of your normal comfort zone? This should help you grow, get you to have new experiences, and then you'll be able to show up in a new way.


I’m so excited for you to venture off into a new experience! Tell me in the comments are you going to go! Where are you going to go this month, where are you going to go next month, declare it, put it out there, tag me on a photo on Instagram, make it real!!!! When you say stuff out loud and you actually post about it, you actually talk about it, you're more likely to hold yourself accountable.

You can read through this blog post, and you can get great information from it, or you can read through this blog post, get great information and take action so that your life will change, and you'll grow!  I can't emphasize enough how much travel is going to help you level up and change the trajectory of your life, take action today. Get yourself booked to go somewhere new, it's time to level up from traveling.

 I love you guys so much. I'm so excited for all the growth that is happening with inside of our community, everything that is going on, and for you to feel like you matter, that you mean something, BECAUSE YOU DO!  You are enough, you are loved. Remember, when you get yourself out of your regular routine, and you see new places, you'll be able to see your full potential.

Love you lots,


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