After 2 years I was making my 3rd trip to beautiful Prague. Each time I meet more people, and this is why I love to travel! I left from LAX and flew to London, where I got to see good ol' mum and dad. Would you believe the first place they took me was to a pub? I guess I will always be a true Brit! My weekend in London wasn't low-key, but that was okay because I got to attend two big events to support my team members on my Nutrition Plan and Team Fearless!

The next day I was off to Prague, where I met up with others who were just as pumped up for the fit camp as I was! The only thing was side-stepping all the treats and alcohol in Prague. But hey, I held out and was able to stay on track so that I was 100% prepared to give the workout my best! Unfortunately, 2 days after arriving in Prague, I was hit with a cold. However, that didn't stop me from heading out to see the sights, including a huge tower! If you didn't know, I am crazy scared of heights, but I took in the views of the Petrin Lookout Tower!


If you go to Prague, be sure to check this place out because it looks just like the Eiffel Tower and gives you the best views of the city! Another place to stop by is the Bed Bar where you can lounge and grab a drink.

Now, the fit camp was incredible. About 120 people showed up, which blew my mind because my first fit camp had just 15 people. I just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up and made it a special day. I even got to share my personal story about how I became involved in fitness.


The following weekend was a spectacular nutrition event. It featured 18,000 people who were there to receive spot-on training from some of the leading doctors and scientists in the nutrition field. It was something that I've never experienced anywhere else. The knowledge I learned from them is actually what I use in my own Nutrition Plan, because they follow the latest trends and advances in sports nutrition!

On my way out of Prague, I met with a friend who had access to the business-class lounge in the airport. That was a nice way to relax and pamper ourselves a bit before taking off for home! After just a few hours of shut-eye, I was in London again to meet up with one of my best friends that I've known since I was 11. It was just like old times! Plus, she has a lovely dog (and I was missing Alphie!)

The next day I was back in LA, and I needed to Uber a ride home. I actually had to bargain with the drivers and on my second try I found someone willing to give me a lift all the way. Back at home, Alphie and I had some much-needed cuddle time, but shortly afterwards I was getting ready for yet another trip!  Be sure to check back soon for updates on that!


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