My Recent Trip To Miami🏖

My Recent Trip To Miami🏖

I had a blast celebrating some of my team members success with a vacation to Miami as well as attending the Tony Robbins event, Date with Destiny!

When we arrived in Florida, it was quite the switch up from the cold, rainy weather Southern California had been experiencing (weird - I know). Chasing sunshine from coast to coast. The airplane landed and it was 74 and sunny with not a cloud in the sky! 



Cory and I stayed at The Brazilian Court Hotel and had an AMAZING experience. The hotel was in a prime location in Palm Beach Island, nestled amongst beautiful residential houses. It was walking distance from the beach, local restaurants, and premiere shopping. We were greeted by a very friendly and helpful staff. The hotel was very timeless in design and was well kept with not a hair out of place.  

We had lunch at Cafe Boulud which was a very peaceful setting in the courtyard next to their centerpiece fountain.  



The room was spacious with a separate living room and bedroom area.  We were welcomed with a beautiful fruit plate, bottled water and a handwritten letter from the staff. These nice personal touches make it feel very inviting. 

We enjoyed some time by the pool that was very quiet and tranquil. I think all of the guests enjoyed the workouts I filmed by the pool. Stay tuned! ⚡️

We really enjoyed Cafe Boulud as it turns into a full restaurant at night, and we sipped on some tasty drinks at the bar at the end of our stay. 


It was such a lovely stay at The Brazilian Court Hotel and just what I needed before we kicked off the New Year! 👊🏼💥

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