My International Tour with Four Paws - Calling all Animal Lovers!

My International Tour with Four Paws - Calling all Animal Lovers!

As many of you know, I've been an enormous supporter of Four Paws, a charity that rescues four-legged animals from human captivity all over the world. From lions and tigers in South Africa to bears in Vietnam and Cambodia to dog slaughterhouses all over the world. It's been my absolute pleasure to work with this incredible charity.

Over the past few months I have traveling to see the work in action, meet the teams and see first hand the work thats being done. From the Bear Sanctuary in Prishtina in Kosovo all the way to Vietnam, I have had such an eye opening experience and there are so many things I am learning and being made aware that I want to share with our community. Tony Robbins says the secret to living is giving. That's one of the biggest reasons that I love working with this charity.

Don't think I forgot about you while I was traveling! Make sure to sign up for the BURN App to see the workouts I filmed while in Vietnam, Kosovo and Switzerland! 

As a fitness influencer for many years, I am proud to say that my passion has helped motivate many people to move towards health. However, the most rewarding part about this job is to inspire many people to connect on pressing issues today. This includes looking forward to making a sustainable change and combating issues and supporting charities like Four Paws.

How Can You Help?!

We have a target to raise $20k for the Charity by the end of the year and I know that together as a community we can make that happen. Rescue an animal today!

You might think....Why should I donate? What difference does it really make??

What if I tell you that your...

  • $10 could help to vaccinate a rescued puppy?
  • $50 can provide apples, carrots and nuts every day for animals at our bear sanctuaries
  • $55 can provide enrichment for the bears, including wooden structures and bear pools for them to play, relax and leave their troubled lives behind
  • $60 can provide essential medicines for bears who suffer from various medical conditions and ailments due to their prolonged captivity, age, and lack of care
  • $75 can provide comfortable, safe sleeping quarters for the animals recovering from abuse
  • $100 can help us rescue and provide sanctuary for more bears in the future

Come join me as we save the animals! 

First Stop: Arosa, Switzerland

It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of these bears. From being made to perform, to being feed beer as a tourist attraction (yes you read that right!) to being kept in a dark concrete cage all their lives. Before 1988 there were 800-1000 bears in this situation, because of the work of Four Paws International has done, we are now down to 150 bears that need our help.

What I love so much about Four Paws is that they are not just about highlighting animal welfare. They actually do the WORK and RESCUE these animals and place them in Sanctuary’s (not zoo’s)

Not only that, they work on the laws to make change in governments! 

  • Ending keeping of circus bears in Serbia (2016)
  • Ending private keeping of bears in Poland (2016)
  • Ending private keeping of bears in Austria (2019, per law)
  • Private keeping of bears banned in Croatia (2019, per law)
  • Ending keeping of restaurant bears in Albania (2022)
  • Ban of shows with Bears in France (2023)

Very proud to be working alongside this charity as we highlight animal welfare across the world.

You don’t know what you don’t know and the more I educate myself the more I learn, and can make decisions based on that. It’s not about judgment of the past, it’s about wanting to be aware for the future. I have been exposed and with anything I learn in life, I like to pass it on so others can make their own decisions. It’s not just with animals as you know, when I learn something within personal development I love to share what I’ve just heard and seen.

I hope you take this the right way, share online and have a conversation with a friend about it. Yes I’ve participated in animal welfare in a negative way. Not out of thinking I’m doing something wrong, just because I wasn’t aware of the impact it has on animals. I feel it’s important to share as you might of been like me and think that its ok….

When in fact it’s a negative effect on animal welfare to ride wild animals, (including horses for competition and jumping - riding horses is good for them in the right conditions), cage dive with sharks or swim with dolphins. It’s not about pointing the finger, I too was surprised that feeding animals is not good for them until it was explained to me why.

When I understood why I almost felt silly. Like duh of course that’s not natural for humans to do that! I’m glad I’m putting myself into this proximity to learn more about animal welfare and what I can do to be the best human for animals.

Next Up, Kosovo!

We had an incredible time here, I feel in love with the Sanctuary and the staff. From what this local community had been through with the war, the stories they shared to seeing this beautiful home for rescued bears.


I almost fainted in Bulgaria..

I’ve never been close to fainting until yesterday. I thought I was pretty good with blood & guts yet this was a little different. So much respect for the amazing veterinarians.  I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Four Paws Bulgaria who are working hard to protect the stray cats and dogs.

Just this year alone Four Paws International, have neutered & spayed 9,000 dogs & cats across Europe to protect them from breeding & having a tough life on the streets. I’m not going to say this trip was all roses and butterflies. Yes we had a great time yet it was also heartbreaking, emotional, hard work & eye opening.

The last day in Bulgaria was probably the hardest. We had gone out to catch stray dogs and brought them back to the mobile clinic. The first dog they worked on was a female and I decided that I would watch the operation to see her get spayed. The team told me what they were doing every step and I was very interested on how it all worked.

A few minutes in they were pulling the uterus out and I saw Luke step back. More of the uterus was coming out and I was surprised that It was as big as a flat watermelon. Our vet Margo explained that the reason the uterus was dark in some areas was because she was pregnant and these puppies had already died.

I look back at Luke to realize he’s not wanting to watch & doesn’t feel great. I then start to smell what’s going on too and even though I tried to stay and learn more about what was going on I felt like I was going to pass out. I walked Back to Luke & got out the mobile clinic van for fresh air. Sat down, was very hot, lost my vision & balance.

I wanted to share this because my experience made me appreciate the vets who do this 10+ times a day! The most amazing part is that although the puppies did not survive if we hadn’t of got to the mummy dog that day she would of had 2 days or so left to live because the dead puppies would of killed due to blood poisoning.

Thank you so much for having me Bulgaria. I’m so proud of all the work you are doing. Keep going and making the impact you are! Know that you supported by all our community here. 


Wrapping Up In Vietnam - hard to watch!


Over the past few months I had the amazing opportunity to meet some incredible humans doing amazing work.  Yes we talked about how many billions of animals are in still human captivity and the suffering that goes on…What we did need to keep reminding ourselves of was the work that HAD been done and the countless animals lives that have been saved. 

I know this is hard to read and to watch so thank you for making this a safe space for me to share something I am truly passionate about.

We have a target to raise $20k for the Charity by the end of the year and I know that together as a community we can make that happen. Rescue an animal today!

Thank you for being on this journey with me





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