Marry Me in Maui?!

Marry Me in Maui?!




We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Grand Wailea resort. This place was huge and incredible! The hotel grounds were gorgeous and we had everything we needed. The blues of the pool and the ocean, the greens of the palm trees, and the beautiful touches scattered throughout the resort shone through in the lovely Maui sun.

We were greeted with some colorful leis and guess what? There is even a little lazy river at the hotel! The Grand Wailea (I'll learn to say it correctly someday) has awesome dining, too. We opted for a romantic dinner for two - ooh, la la! We had a chocolate dessert that resembled the lava rock on the island's Road to Hana. Pretty cool, although I don't know if my knee was in the right condition for a hike along the rocks!

Cory and I had so much fun, and we definitely had a gorgeous place to film some new and exciting workouts for you all! Believe it or not, we actually had one day where we had no plans, so we were able to just hang out with each other. You can imagine the banter! One thing we discovered is that Cory is a modern-day Jack Dawson from the Titanic...just not as romantic. But even my American firefighter boyfriend can fit in at the fancy schmancy Grand Wailea. Even the lifts were luxurious!



From the balcony, we spotted a cute little chapel. When I posted my white flowy dress on Facebook and Instagram, some people thought it was a wedding dress! Maybe Cory and I should've visited the chapel...

...or maybe not yet! What we did do was meet the Grand Wailea marketing team for lunch. They were super friendly and the food was delish! By the way, I did get a chance to wear my pretty white dress on the last night of our stay. We had a nice dinner, even though my boyfriend wouldn't hold my dress for me so I wouldn't trip and fall! What a gentleman.

The morning before we headed out, we opted for breakfast from our room balcony because the view was fabulous and we could just have some privacy. After filling up on a yummy breakfast, we headed to the hotel's Spa Grande. Not only is it the best spa in Maui, but it is among the Top 10 Best Spas in the US! We had our own little spa hydrotherapy circuit. There were six individual pools to go into, and each one had its own theme with different colors and aromas. Cory liked the stream and ocean pools, but really all of them were divine. You can choose from Roman and Japanese baths, a Redwood sauna, facials and hair treatments, hot and cold plunges, and aromatic showers. A must-do experience!



What a trip full of pampering ourselves, eating well, working hard, and staying fit! Be sure to keep an eye out for the new workouts!


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