How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travels!

How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travels!

It's exciting to get out of town and experience a change of scenery, though sometimes a different setting can take us off track from our regular wellness routines (especially during the holiday season) - so these are my 5 tips for feeling fantastic throughout your seasonal travels!


Eating at regular intervals throughout the day can become an afterthought when spending time exploring, out in the sun, or soaking in some scenery. Don’t let this happen! If you weren’t able to pack some snack foods in your luggage - like nuts, protein bars, etc. - then make sure to stop by a market and stock up when you’ve arrived at a destination. Keep a few food items on hand wherever you are, and you’ll be less likely to opt for unhealthy, quick meals when you remember to eat. Also, keeping your snack times in check will prevent you from overeating later! 


Sunscreen is an absolute necessity no matter where you are. You may think that cloudy weather, rain, or snow would limit skin-damaging effects of the sun, though you’re just as likely to catch a burn from UV rays in these conditions due to bright reflections of light! And you may be hoping to return from a trip with a golden tan if you’re spending time in the sunshine, though that bronze glow is only temporary…underlying skin damage lasts a lifetime!


Packing a reusable water bottle or canteen in your luggage will be very useful during your travels - depending on where you’re visiting, it may be unwise or unsafe to consume water from the tap. Even water provided in restaurants could lead to an uncomfortable gut reaction (possibly leading to more dehydration), so rely on yourself for h2o. And whether or not the water where you’re at is clean for drinking purposes, you’ll want to stay hydrated regardless! This will keep your energy levels steady, regulate your digestive system, and give you a gorgeous holiday complexion. 


It’s tempting to try and document your trip, though there is a point of overdoing it. Your memory of a vacation may actually be improved by putting your phone/camera down for a while every day, as you’ll be able to recall more details of your surroundings this way. After all, photos never really do total justice to the natural beauty around you - remember to live in the present and you won’t come home feeling like you missed out on some meaningful moments!


Get out and do some sightseeing! If you don’t know where to begin with organizing activities, then consult with a concierge or do some research before you leave for a trip. Going for a hike is a great way to make memories, and even a brisk walk around town can get your heart rate up enough to break a sweat! Make the most of your travels without completely abandoning your fitness goals - see what’s available to you and try something new!

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