The Santai greeted us with some dragon fruit tea before we were shown to our villa. This was Cory's favorite thing he had tried all trip and even wrote down the complex ingredients, let's see if he makes it for me!  Our villa had a private pool and lounge deck in that was in between two rooms. All the villas at The Santai are two bedrooms so defiantly a great place to come with friends or family. Inside we had a dining area with full kitchen, living area, a pretty outdoor tub and shower. We spent the afternoon settling in and brainstorming new workouts for you all! The sun hit in just the right spots to give nice natural lighting that we think you'll really love. Bali was good to us and these are the best workouts yet! Make sure you go and give us a thumbs up on the videos and subscribe to the the channel! It was then time for dinner at La Casetta in Kerobotan for homemade Italian food. It was a relaxing way to cap off our night, as the restaurant is just down the street from the Santai.


Off to dinner at Santai

The next morning we were up bright and early to film you a brand-new workout video for the upper body! We were right by the pool so it's not only a killer workout, it's also really pretty!. Afterwards I was sore, so I know it's going to be a great one! I was ready to eat and we ordered a ton of yummy food to our villa and ate on the day bed right by our pool. Cory was sore too...after all, standing behind a tripod watching me work out is pretty exhausting. We had a colorful spread of fresh juice, crepes, an egg-white omelette, salad, tropical fruits, Eggs Benedict, and coffee.

This day will go down in history because this is when Cory Freeman's Instagram hit 1,000 followers! Be sure to watch his acceptance speech and hear his plans for the next big goal. Its HILARIOUS! What will it be? Solving world hunger? Going into retirement? After all the excitement, we got into our swimwear and lounged poolside with our drone. Let us know what you think of the aerial views and how our piloting skills are improving!

We, well Cory loves getting me up super early so that's what we did again! There are so many trendy bars and restaurants in this area I would defiantly recommend staying around here and do not miss the last blog on this trip as it has all my favorite spots! Lunch today was at Nook, a very picturesque place. In fact, it's located on a rice field so it's quite breathtaking and a great place for great food and of course photographs. We had fresh poke, cous cous salad, chicken curry and a peanut butter caramel martini. YUM! We used the rest of our afternoon to have some fun by the pool featuring Cory’s world-famous cannonball. I got the whole thing on video so don't miss it!

Hoe I feel after my Workout!

So excited to share with you this next stop!  La Laguna in Canggu for a sunset dinner and drinks was an all time best evening for us. It’s a very whimsical place with lush vegetation and artistic decor so it’s like wandering through a fortune tellers garden. There are lots of little paths to walk around with a whole selection of seating. Such a fun place to come to and its a must!

Our last morning here we had a massage in our room which was a nice change than going to the spa. We had worked hard for it and I was still sore from the workout!  Stay tuned because we'll show you the last hotel we hit in Bali and it's not one to be missed!


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