Food, Friends, and Fun in ENGLAND!

Food, Friends, and Fun in ENGLAND!


Even after visiting Greece and Madrid, there was still so much more to see in Europe on our journey - so Cory and I returned to my homeland of England to do some exploring!

It was Cory's first time visiting London and meeting my best friend, who is pregnant! We had such an amazing time catching up and playing tourist in places that are so familiar to me still, but there's always something new to discover!


We returned to England from Madrid and waited for a train ( is typical British fashion) to take us for a visit with my best friend! Danielle, Cory and I made our way to the Brighton Palace Pier and strolled alongside the pebbly beaches after enjoying a nice seafood lunch. After watching street performers play music, I think Cory may have found his new passion!

The changing of the guards took place at Buckingham Palace right when Cory and I showed up! You know the guys: red suits, tall fuzzy black hats, super cool style. We were in London for the day and decided to walk through Green Park and payed a visit to the London Ivy for afternoon tea - such a sweet way to take a midday break! Classic red telephone booths were too classic to not take pictures with, and Cory was definitely a natural when it came to posing with those iconic structures.

After Buckingham Palace and a walk through James' Park, we headed to Picadilly Square and visited my old stomping grounds at Covent Garden! It happened to be Fashion Week when we arrived, so there were quite a few fabulous-looking people touring about.

We got around to Waterloo Bridge where you're able to see the London Eye, as well as Big Ben and financial districts, cathedrals, and more! Cory had his FIRST real afternoon tea at the OXO Tower, which is so much more than just tea. It's an event. The whole view of London was spread out beyond the windows next to our table - we had some champagne to celebrate this occasion! My friend met up with us and we all dined on an assortment of delicious little treats: sandwiches, scones, desserts. Tea was had by all!

Cory was lucky enough to get pooped on by a pigeon, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment. I guess the birds weren't too happy about our attempts to photograph them? It was a fantastic start to our visit to the London Eye!

We stopped by the giant clock named Big Ben, then headed back to our lodgings at the Amba Hotel Marble Arch to get spiffed up for the evening. Our room was the perfect place to unwind during our one-night stay in London! Once we freshened up, Cory and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Zuma, my favorite go-to sushi restaurant in the city. It felt so nice to get dressed up and fancy for this wonderful meal! It was a fantastic conclusion to our very long, very fun day of London exploration! We rested our heads for the night back at Amba, and had a peaceful slumber leading us into the next installment of our England adventure.

Check out my latest vlog and follow along with us through London!

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