Amilla Fushi & Finohlu – THE MALDIVES

Amilla Fushi & Finohlu – THE MALDIVES


Our adventure to the next destination would have us weathering the remnants of the last storm with bumpy boat rides, cancelled sea planes and delayed flights.  This is all part of the experience when traveling remote parts of the earth so we try to enjoy it.  Well past dark, we finally landed at Amilla Fushi resort.  After getting checked into our room, we had a quick bite to eat and we went off to bed as we were behind schedule and had a busy day ahead.  The morning started with a buffet breakfast with an impressive spread.  This was followed by a walk around the island to familiarize ourselves.  We were able to see the amazing soccer field and tennis courts, the luxurious estates for rent, the award winning spa, spacious gym and the yoga pavilion over looking the ocean.  Each villa on the island has bicycles for the guest to use and ride around at their own leisure which is a fun option.

Before lunch we had a hosted warmup session with one of the gym trainers followed by a protein shake and meal at the lean cafe which was light, tasty and enjoyable.  This resort definitely caters to the individual that lives a healthy, active lifestyle and is geared towards wellness. Our appointment with the Javvu Spa couldn't have come at a better time.  After being on the hustle the last 5 days and fighting the weather, a signature jet lag massage with emphasis on stretching and head massage was just what we needed.  We didn't have time to take advantage of our treatment pod or the wellness sauna and steam room but they looked amazing.

Now it was time to get to work and film some workouts videos.  After knocking out two by our villa pool we thought it would be fun to see the resort underwater via snorkel but a rain cloud had other ideas and washed us out!  We quickly sorted our options and went to plan B of having a complimentary glass of champagne and a quick nap in our room before heading out for sunset pictures and a delicious dinner at the grill restaurant.

The following day we were up bright and early to catch a short boat trip to Finolhu resort which is the sister island to Amilla and was built in the last few years.  We were welcomed with a delicious drink and friendly staff.  This hotel has a partnership with 1oak and is definitely the place to be and be seen in the Maldives with its retro cool vibes.  You can find examples of pop culture memorabilia, 70's VW camper vans, pastel colors, great music and the beauty of the Maldives all rolled up in one here.

After checking into our over water villa we had a decent lunch at the Baa Baa buffet to fuel up to film two killer workouts.  We were on fire with filming because every shot looks amazing and don't want to pass up any opportunities.  I had a quick appointment with the island spa to smooth my sore muscles while my camera crew (Cory) took got a workout of his own in at the UFC gym which had all the equipment you could dream of on a remote island.

To cool off in the Maldivian heat after we hopped in the water straight from our villa and said hi to our fish neighbors.  The island offers some great snorkeling and we  even had an octopus living under us that we made time to say hello to each day.

Our second morning was spent exploring.  We took a resort ferry boat to the opposite end of the island which was nice to get away from civilization.  Walking along secluded white sandy beaches with overhead palms is second to none here.  We shared the beach only with hermit and sand crabs on this walk and were able to capture some unreal drone footage.

The walk ended at a delicious little beach restaurant called the Crab Shack where we tried soft shell crab tacos and the signature seafood sampler.  This is how I envisioned all Maldivian meals gazing over the crystal blue ocean with the water tickling our toes.

The days absolutely fly by here and before we knew it a sunset, happy hour and dinner had passed us.  We were do for an early departure out so it was time to pack, charge up all of our electronics and get to bed early for our next adventure.

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