A perfect place for quality time & wellness - COMO hotel in Changu

A perfect place for quality time &  wellness - COMO hotel in Changu

Bali is such a magical place. From the culture to the scenery, it feels surreal every time I step foot on its soil. I knew it had the healing powers to host my 2019 retreat. It was such a special place to connect with everyone who attended and I know that everyone left with a new belief on what they can accomplish and achieve!

We had the opportunity to grow together with all of the wonderful adventures during the trip. It was an incredible time making memories swimming with Manta Rays, hiking to hidden waterfalls, and immersing ourselves in a completely different culture. There were so many first time experiences and it was powerful to get everyone out of their comfort zone to find what lies beneath overcoming uncomfortable situations. I was so proud of how everyone handled themselves and just went for it!

After the retreat, Cory and I were fortunate enough to stay a couple of extra days to get a little bit of quality time before I left for the upcoming month. You should have seen Cory’s face when I told him that we were going to be staying at the COMO hotel in Changu. We have stayed with COMO before in the Maldives and London, it's our favorite and we were PUMPED to go back to check out one of their properties in Bali. Their signature smell, food, spa, and staff always make us feel so looked after and it feels like coming home.


Every little detail at COMO is executed with perfection. Our room was something out of a dream and the perfect space to spend some one-on-one time. It was beautifully designed, as we are accustomed to with COMO hotels. It was the space that I needed to recharge and prepare for my upcoming adventures. COMO is all about wellness and knows how to make you feel better than when you arrive!

Cory and I are both very adventurous people and like to get out and explore. After the retreat and getting to stay at COMO we simply enjoyed time on the property. We had everything that we needed in one space. Access to the beach, watching people surf, enjoying the pool and overlooking some top sunsets. All COMO hotels have a huge emphasis on wellness, the gym at this Changu location was state of the art and the biggest one in the area. They had a full timetable of classes you could attend and I was able to get into one of the pilates classes which was great. It always feels good to get a workout in before you have a cocktail! One of the best parts was the signature Shambala massage that both Cory and I got to enjoy, this message was followed by a bath in the biggest tub I've ever seen. We were both struggling with a cold so this was really relaxing and it felt really good on our broken down bodies.

The food at COMO is very important to the brand and they have an extra menu that has a focus on wellness and wellbeing. When I go on vacation, it’s important to me that I maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle and COMO makes that effortless.  With a 180 view of the ocean at their beach club restaurant and great food, it makes it easy to feel relaxed and recharged.

COMO for me is always the perfect place to unwind and with all the millions of things going on in my life it feels amazing to be looked after. Currently, on my first practice climb in the Alps, it is going great and I am learning lots of new skills. More to come on this! Thank you COMO for yet again another excellent stay, make sure you check out all their locations for your next trip!

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