5 phases of culture shock

5 phases of culture shock

Ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Traveling removes us from our day-to-day reality and reminds us that there is a big ole’ world out there! We can get stuck in our little bubble - it can be overwhelming when we enter a new one. 

Culture is the food, language, values, clothing, and behavior woven into our daily lives. There’s no right or wrong culture, but just different. Different can be beautiful! :-) It’s nice to get a new perspective! You’ll actually feel an array of emotions when entering a new land. Here are the 6 phases you may encounter: 

Alright - it’s time to get ready for your epic adventure! Before you leave, you’ll start planning what you want to see, packing, and partaking in those farewell activities! In this phase - you’ll be PUMPED or a little nervous to leave. It’s normal to have butterflies! 

Once you arrive in your new spot it’s pretty magical! There’s so much to see and do! Try it all and meet the locals. They’ll give you the lowdown on how and why things work. It’s easier when we keep an open mind. In September, you can head to Bali with me and we’d explore this culture together :-) 

After a couple of days in a new place, it’s common to get frustrated. There’s a new language you can’t understand. You get lost and what does that sign even mean?! How the heck do their grocery stores work?! The simple things of home are very difficult in a new setting. Try to stay calm and remember that’s normal. You’ll figure it out! Appreciate a different way of life and how beautiful you have it back home. 

Ok - now you’re finding your favorite restaurant, learning where to dance of a Friday night, starting to get to know the guy who works at the local cafe, and overall have a better sense of community! Everything is more familiar and you’re more comfortable than before. This is a relief and worth the frustration you’ve had before. 

Ahh, the inner peace you'll have within is unreal! When you enter this phase you start to accept the culture and partake in it! You’re a badass and have a wide perspective of how others live their lives. 

Entering a new culture can be a lot - you’ll feel very vulnerable! The roller coaster of emotions is normal! It’s important to keep these phases in perspective. From vulnerability, you’ll learn not just about a culture, but yourself! 

Come with me on my BALI wellness retreat. The goal is to have a week full of personal growth. We explore Balinese culture together. We’ll hike to nearby waterfalls, snorkel at a beautiful island and appreciate the different surroundings. Sign up now - only limited spots left. 

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