4 Hotel Room Workout Moves – COMO, London!

4 Hotel Room Workout Moves – COMO, London!


After living in London for 5 years before I moved to the USA, it always feels so good to be back in my favourite city. My 10 hour flight was great, I worked (yes there was wifi!), got some sleep and met a new friend who was sat next to me. She was American and visiting London to go to a music event, we clicked immediately after talking about how we both owned our own companies. It is really important for me to look after myself on a flight so that I land feeling refreshed and ready to go. This includes changing into comfy clothes, putting on moisturizer, having a healthy shake, drinking lots of water and stretching regularly. After landing into Heathrow I get the express train into paddington, hopped into a black cabbie to my hotel.

I was super excited to be going to this hotel as I had just stayed at their other property in the Maldives, Como Cocoa Island. You guys have just seen a new workout that I filmed there, and yep that is where I held a fit class and some of our Ralphies were there! ("Ralphies" is our community name if you are new to this page!). I loved the other location and knew that the Como Metropolitan in London would be no different, apart from the weather! And it was! I was greeted with a uniquely-smelling hot towel, created by COMO. This is by far my favourite essential oil smell, so much so that I bought it at COMO Maldives so I could make my home smell the same. I put it in my air diffuser which makes the whole apartment feel and smell amazing. They use this scent in all their body and hair products. So good!

My room was perfect, with a view of park lane and hyde park I was in my element. The vibe London has is very special and I am really grateful I was able to experience it 5 floors up overlooking one of the most monumental spots in the city. At 4pm I was booked into the spa which is just what I needed to save my sanity! I had been working on the new website throughout the flight, bought a UK unlimited data plan at the UK airport to make sure I could continue my work, this carried on when I got to the hotel. My head was hurting and my hands needed a break from the typing. As I am super into facials I tried one out here too! WOW the spa area was so relaxing and I could unwind. They had even taken out 6 rooms of the hotel to make space for the spa, this is something that was really important to the owner, and I am so glad she made that decision because it is fantastic and what you need to just hit the restart button. They know about wellness at COMO and are doing a great job in making sure your stay makes you feel better than when you arrived!

Pretty sure I feel asleep a few times during the treatment, it was so relaxing and everything smelt pure bliss. In a little bit of a haze I went back to my room in my robe and slippers, I mean how more cosy can you get!? Time for some food! One of the biggest reasons I love COMO hotels is because they have a special healthy menu called Shambhala. It is completely separate from the normal menu so you know exactly what you are eating is good for you, plus its really darn tasty! I had a warm beetroot soup and a chicken and mango salad sent up to my room as I was back on the computer working. The room was spacious and uncluttered which made it easy for me to feel relaxed yet still get what I needed to done!

A mixture of jet lag and anxiety for the release of my new website (and some other things that are coming up) kept me up until 4am with no chance of getting back to sleep, time to start the day. Thank goodness they had a 24/7 gym that I would go and venture in! What a great, clean and modern gym too that made me excited to workout. I ended up doing a lot of stretches because I was very stiff from my flight, got my heart rate up with a yoga routine and then decided to teach myself a headstand! When I am in a yoga class I often think about trying it, although I know I would knock over the person in front if I fell! It’s definitely not perfect, I am for sure further along than I was a month ago!

The sun was up by the time I got back to my room and had a shower with their bath salts. Who says you can't use bath salts in the shower, especially when they smell that good! It was such a lovely, sunny day and I could see out over hyde park from my balcony. I had to make a quick stop to the photo shop as I needed to get my picture taken for my new visa. This is a whole other story of things that have been going on in my life which I will share with you shortly. The reason I went to London before going to my parents' was to make the trip to the new American embassy. It wasn't too bad seeing as I was able to stay close by in the COMO Metropolitan who looked after me so very well.

Breakfast that morning was a special treat as I got to meet some of the staff who work for COMO in their PR team. Everyone I have met from the Maldives, to the spas, to the front desks all have the same passion and love for the hotel brand. It really is a community of people serving excellence and with authenticity. You know me, I am very honest with you and know high standards when I see it. COMO is like a family and I hope to share more of their resorts with you. Our breakfast meeting was about the possibility of having a fit camp with COMO London in Hyde Park this September. I know there are lots of you in London so please cross your fingers, and your toes for this to happen! While I was there for 24 hours I filmed a short workout that includes 4 moves you can do in your hotel or bedroom! All you need is a bed for this exercise routine, no shoes, mat or weights required. There really are no excuses for not getting your heart rate up at least once a day.

After I had been to the American embassy it was finally time to head to Eastbourne to see my parents. Back in a taxi to Victoria station, I ran through with my two big suitcases and made the train with 5 minutes to spare. Another hour and 30 journey down south and I was met by my mum. I will be in England until the end of the month while I wait for my passport to come back from the embassy. So glad that I got to start of my trip on a great note with COMO, feels like home and just where I needed to be after everything that has been going on. Drop me a comment on Instagram, Facebook, or blog posts and let me know how if you'd come to a Fit Camp in London!



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