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Alight the folks, let's do a quick recap on your year, celebrate the SHIT out of it and get prepped to venture onto a new decade! This one is going to be bigger, better and packed full of way more awesomeness as long as we get this set into motion. I am going to help you set yourself up for more fun, play, enjoyment and working smarter, not harder! 2019 made me strong, OWN myself and also lose myself! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I decided to be more open and use all my voices. During that journey of self discovery I went off the deep end numerous times and felt like in fact I had in fact lost myself. (Partly due to this podcast haha). By the end of the year after many fuck ups, a lot of soul searching and unraveling of layers, I saw straight again 🙏🏻

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