Should I exercise when I’m sore? with Clint Harwick

We will cover:

  • Who Clint is and what he does
  • First exercises for someone who is just starting to workout
  • Why it’s so important to move our bodies
  • What gaps of a sedentary lifestyle do to your body
  • Confusion around rest days
  • How long you should workout each day
  • Exercises you should stay away from
  • How to have diverse workouts
  • What to do if you have bad knees
  • How to read your body and know when you should be concerned
  • What stress does to your body
  • How to recover from an injury
  • Everything you need to know about being sore after a workout

Today, Clint Harwick joins us on the podcast to talk about all things exercise. An ex-professional baseball player turned physical therapist, Clint knows the ins and outs of physical movement. Working out is so much more than lifting weights, running, or swimming. You need to know how to listen to your body, how long to workout, WHY you need to move and so much more! In this episode, Clint has you covered.

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