How Not to Bulk & The Mindset to Bounce Back with James Smith

We will cover:

  • How you get bulky
  • How you gained lean muscle
  • Why consistency is so important
  • Weight fluctuations and how you can stay on track
  • Overloading and having healthy mindset with your food
  • The importance of recovery and how you do it
  • James’ story and how he has stayed motivated through multiple injuries
  • What it means to take action to have the life you want
  • How you can adapt to situations to get as much as you can out of your life
  • James and my family dynamic
  • Why you must do things you are passionate about and  lead by example
  • How personal development can change your life

The better sibling, my brother joins us to teach the community about hitting plateaus, common misconceptions about bulking and how hard it is to gain lean muscle. Listen in to some funny childhood memories from us growing up and some stories that will make you laugh! We cap it off with how you can create a winning mindset to have the life you’ve always dreamed of just like we both have been able to do.

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