With Halloween right around the corner and with so much candy waiting on your doorstep (literally), I wanted to give you a quick tip that will trick you into thinking you are having a treat. This was the time of year that I first came to the United States, and I leaned very fast how different October 31st was from England!

Growing up in the UK, we would always go trick-or-treating around the local neighborhood with the rest of the kids from our block. My dad would watch from our front door to check up on us. Really I think he just wanted to see what sweets we got! We would dress up in something scary like a witch, ghost or a pumpkin. I remember getting a  broomstick from a local farm one year and I was so excited to match it with this black cape my mum had made for me for my witch's outfit. Let me get this straight, there was NO just dressing up in anything for Halloween back then in the UK!

When I came to California around 6 years ago, I got invited to my first American Halloween party. It was actually at the Playboy Mansion of all places! Being new to this country and seeing the Mansion on TV, I was pretty excited about going. I was thinking hmmm, so what shall I dress up as? Shall I pull out the old witch's gear, maybe go as a wicked cat, something scary right? Well thank goodness I text one of the girls I was going with beforehand to ask what she was going as. I didn't want to make a total fool of myself at the Playboy Mansion surrounded by super hot (although plastic-looking) model bunnies.

I was not expecting the text I got back. She said 'Oh I think I am going to go as Lady Gaga'. I was like WHAT?! Lady Gaga? I don't remember seeing the witch, the ghost, the pumpkin and Lady Gaga when I last went trick-or-treating. This meant my ideas where out the window and I was off to find something that didn't relate to Halloween or anything scary. I ended up going as a sailor!

So now you know if you ever go to a Halloween party these days, you have free range to dress up in anything you like. I say bring back the good old days of throwing a white sheet over yourself and cutting out two holes for eyes and being a ghost!

With so many sweets or if you are in America, 'candy' (I still can't get used to that word), then you know the temptation is REAL. Well, actually all the way up to New Year's Eve there are temptations laying around the office, coffee tables and in stores. I am going to help you enjoy those seasonal flavors without adding on extra pounds. In fact, my recipes will help you lose inches and have more energy, giving you a head-start on all those New Year's Resolutions! Plus, this is the time you need the good nutrition the most with all those winter germs flying all over the place.


Did you a Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice has 380 calories, 50g of sugar and 52 grams of carbs?! WOW! Change it up this year with Alphie's ingredients that have only 90 calories, 5g of sugar, 9g of protein and most importantly, is an actual meal with 21 vitamins and minerals.

You can make hot or cold drinks and even pancakes with my shake powder! They are packed full of nutrition, protein, good carbs and fats to keep you full, build lean muscle and increase energy! What do you think about a seasonal flavor just for this time of year? I have got it for you! For those in the USA, you can order your PUMPKIN SPICE HERE by creating a free account. Then click on Healthy Meal and select PUMPKIN SPICE. You can make this hot or cold and it's the perfect, sweet drink to have when it's raining and cloudy. You can also throw a Disney film in there; that's what Alphie & I like to do.

Don't worry if you are not in the USA! My shake powders are available in 94 countries and you can get started here. Not only do you get 21 amazing healthy shakes that taste better than any milkshake I have ever had, you get a coach with that! A real person who will guide you on your journey and help you every step of the way. Now you tell me what nutrition store or big-time trainer gives you detailed plans for you. Get started with us and you will be ahead of the game!



After learning the importance of how to clean down the shower doors (don't ask, that's another story!), I took Alphie to our Pumpkin patch! It was such a beautiful little farm, with fresh fruit and vegetables. If you live in the area go check out Manassero Farms! Alphie was the star of the shoot and posed with his front legs on the pumpkin for a good 5 minutes, not moving once apart from giving us different angles of his face! Check out the video on Facebook RebeccaLouiseFitness

What are you doing for Halloween? Let us know by commenting below!


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