Not Your Average Meal Delivery

Not Your Average Meal Delivery


When it comes to meal prep or a food delivery service, you might imagine simple foods with a lot of repetition. To be honest, this tends to be the case with most meal prep companies. I have experienced dry chicken, over-cooked vegetables and little variety. Being someone who is very busy (and on top of that, doesn't have the biggest love for cooking,) it has been a challenge to find a great meal delivery service that’s healthy, tasty and provides good-sized portion.




I have to say that Crateful knocks it out of the park when it comes to food arriving at your door! Every single day (and I tried 21 days) it arrived in an ice-packed bag with a full day’s menu of what I was going to be enjoying. Such a nice touch to read what your day is going to look like, and it made me get excited each morning opening the door to see my delivery!

Crateful keeps everything fresh which means that one day’s worth of food is delivered at a time. None of that nonsense of getting 12 meals at once to put in your freezer and lose all the nutrients! The great part is that when you wake up in the morning you have everything set to go; Crateful delivers late at night or very early in the morning so you can roll out of bed and breakfast is served.

You will not go hungry with Crateful as their portions are real meal sizes and not something so small it wouldn't even fill Alphie up. I could easily give a meal to Cory and not worry about him needing to eat half of mine! You can also chose your meal size depending on your goals, making everything about Crateful customizable to your health needs and targets. I went for the FIT plan and my portion size was Large. I also added that I did not want red meat and that all meals must include some protein. I love that I was able to request my own personal needs so that I was enjoying the experience. I would of course add in my morning shake right as I woke up, my sports nutrition and some snacks throughout the day.

Okay so what does it all taste like?! I felt like I was eating at a top restaurant in Orange County, plus it was delivered to my door, took 2 minutes to heat up and was a great deal cheaper! Everything had great flavoring and taste, which was a break from your everyday typical ingredients. There were chai puddings, ginger infused teas, chicken sausages on crispy kale, waffles with strawberries...and that was just for breakfast! Everything was so incredibly tasty and I enjoyed each bite! It probably has something to do with their chefs. They are the only meal delivery service in the area that have a Michelin Star Chef! Now you know why everything tastes like you are in a restaurant; the quality of the preparation, ingredients and cooking is in its own league.

Each day I would have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert delivered to my door. You can mix and match what you would like, the portion size, allergies or special requests. I can’t even remember having the same meal twice and I was trying them out for 21 days! For lunch one day there was salmon with white wine fennel, eggplant balls in tomato sauce and grilled zucchini. Oh yes all of this for lunch! The majority of the food is hot and you can put it in the microwave for 2 minutes or in your oven for 5. Everything is already cooked, so it’s just a matter of how hot you would like it! I was glad I opted for the desserts each day because oh my, they were crazy good. I was trying them out for market research of course. There was a whole variety of desserts that were not heavy, just a nice sweet moment at the end of dinner.


I chose to have lean meat, tofu and fish for my meals just because I don’t eat red meat. You can also choose a vegetarian or vegan menu. There really are so many options, you just need to check out the website and see for yourself how this will work for you. My dinners included a seared seabass with peas puree, roasted potatoes and zucchini parmigiana. What a plateful of amazing flavored, good quality food and satisfying portions.

I really do not have a bad thing to say about Crateful. I have dined at some top restaurants around the world and this is just as good flavoring and even better, it’s healthier for me. Crateful is based in LA and and delivers around the area, so just contact them to find out if your area is covered! Exciting news for us all that on 5th May they will be in San Diego too! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and in terms of price you will surprised at how great the value is. The price compares to many meal prep delivery services I have used before. However, Crateful gives you a lot more for your money and you won’t need two meals to fill you up!

Go and check them out, the website is super easy to use and it’s fun to customize your order. You can use my code ‘REBECCALOUISE’ for 10% off. Let me know how you like the meals and what you get!


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