Meal Planning 101

Meal Planning 101


Preparing balanced meals in advance has so many benefits - putting effort into such a basic daily task like eating can really change your relationship with food! Don't let excuses like limited time or lack of interest stop you from trying some meal planning experiments! These are my top reasons to make prepping part of your healthy lifestyle:


1. Add variety

A large number of people eat the same meals every day for weeks, months, or even years! This can limit the intake of vital vitamins and minerals - we need all kinds of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and other food products in order to maintain a balanced, functioning body system. Meal planning can help expand your horizons when it comes to changing up ingredients! It's important to consider how recipes can work together in providing you with all the critical nutrients needed for better overall health. 

2. Save money

When planning meals, you become much more organized and more aware of the money spent on food each week. You will get into the habit of buying what you need instead of buying what you want in the moment, and this means you are less likely to waste funds on unnecessary items such as snacks, sweets, and other treats, which is a common problem for shoppers who don’t have an organized plan! Meal planning also reduces the number of times you need to go to a store to buy food, which adds up to a large sum of money over the course of a month.

3. Reduce stress & anxiety

Worrying about where and when you are going to purchase that next meal can impact your daily schedule in a big way! Meal prep means you won’t be panicking about what food to buy in a pinch, and more likely than not, a quick grab won't be ideal for your fitness and body goals. Even if there are "healthy" cafes, restaurants, or markets near you which offer pre-made dishes, you won't have control over the amount of salt or salad dressing in your food (for example). A balanced meal created with your positive intentions is a good way to give some self-love and help you avoid the unhealthy unexpected.

4. Cookbook connection

Researching recipes is not fun for everyone, and that's just fine! It can be easy to get into a rut when it comes to meal planning and deciding what meals to make, but lucky you! There are people out there who LOVE to invent dishes and live for this practice! You don't have to spend extra time looking up meals, so save that energy for cooking up some tasty food! Recipe books are a great resource to have on hand - my cookbook has so many ideas for healthy creations and provides you with a grocery list for more efficient shopping! Cookbooks allow you to learn more about what ingredients you're actually consuming, and that's why I've incorporated vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for people who want to experiment with how different foods make them feel inside & out!

Need more info about better habits for your healthiest body?

Check out the Nutrition Guide! This is my ultimate resource for maintaining a balanced diet with portion control, snack ideas, and lifestyle tips!

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