How To Boost Your Metabolism & Reduce Bloating

How To Boost Your Metabolism & Reduce Bloating

Feeling cranky after your fast? Or maybe you’re reaching for that donut after your glass of celery juice… or going on your third run of the day. Hold up, pause right there! There are a lot of myths about what’s gonna make you shed pounds fast - and they’re extremely hard to sustain and it's impossible to see long term results.

Your body needs nutrition and proper fitness to get that metabolism cranking. Once you get in a solid routine - you’re gonna be shocked how easy it is. So what is Metabolism exactly?!

Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in our body. The three main functions of our metabolism are:

  1. The conversion of food to energy for cellular processes
  2. The conversion of food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and some carbs
  3. The elimination of metabolic waste

Your metabolic rate refers to the rate that your body uses energy to function. There are many factors that play into your metabolism. Body size, gender and age can all affect your metabolism. Having a high metabolism can also increase overall energy levels and make body systems function more efficiently!

What you should focus on..

  1. Fitness: A more rigorous exercise routine means longer recovery time, and this repair process eats up additional calories. Mixing HIIT into your fitness program will keep your metabolism working at a speedy pace!

  2. Food: Eating a meal can increase your metabolism for a few hours, which is why it's so important to have food at regular intervals throughout the day! Extra calories are required to digest, absorb, and process dietary nutrients.

  3. Hydration: Drinking several glasses of cold water a day can increase your resting metabolism - this boost may result from the amount of energy required for your system to heat chilled liquid to body temperature, and water is the best option for this process since it contains zero calories!

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Here are a few tips to rev up your metabolism so you’ll feel sexy and confident this summer!

Wake Up & Eat

Love to eat? Great! Make it one of the first things you do each morning. When we eat healthy within 30 minutes of when we wake up it’s going to kickstart your energy to get that body going. Get your good protein, carbs, and fats in first thing. When I jump out of bed I look forward to making my protein shake! It’s a treat for starting the day off right and it’s fueling my body with the best nutrition. Trust me guys - your body is going to thank you! Try out the Free 5 Day Better You Program to receive customized nutrition plan and start enjoying yummy shakes for breakfast today! 

Move Your Body

Put your body into motion! Love to dance? Put on your favorite song and dance around the kitchen while you make your breakfast or drive to work! It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout routine - a quick walk around the block will do. When we get our day started by simple movements it’s going to lower our cortisol levels - which are your stress levels. This way your body and mind are aligned to conquer the day. I have great news.. there is still plenty of time to join our current monthly challenge! Each day you get a new workout focused on a new body part! Time to move your bod!

Eat Again

Feed your body every two to three hours. If you’re hungry - that’s your body telling you that it’s time to eat again. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It needs fuel every couple of hours or it’ll go into starvation mode and starts to store fat. That’s not the goal here! To boost your metabolism, it’s better to eat small meals throughout the day - rather than getting so hungry that we scarf down an entire bag of chips when we get home from work. Good news - eat as many healthy snacks throughout the day as you want. Nobody likes a hangry person..

Key To Success

Think of your body as a Rolls Royce - expect it to run off of water? No, that baby needs premium fuel. When we feed our body with the best nutrition, it starts to work effectively. Like I ALWAYS say - it’s 20% fitness and 80% of the healthy foods we eat that’s going to get us that dream body. Not only that - you’re going to have so much energy and mental clarity to crush every day.


Want To Reduce Bloating? Eat These Foods! 

Think avoiding food is the best way to get a flatter belly? Not! Bloat can happen for so many different reasons - hormones, dehydration, diet, etc - but you can fight back with these powerful pooch blasters! 

  • Lemons: Citrus soothes your digestive system by acting as a light natural laxative to get things moving right along! Squeeze a couple of slices into a tall glass of water - don't be afraid of liquids! You'll retain less fluid by flushing your system with h2o, so let hydrating lemon water do the job of flushing excess sodium from your body to reduce bloat. 

  • Ginger: This root has anti-inflammatory properties proven to help with "gastric emptying", so if you're bloated because you haven't made a visit to the loo for a while, try a couple of ginger shots!

  • Lentils: Hungry for a substantial meal? Lentils are amazing! This food is packed with natural fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates which will help slim your waistline.

  • Probiotics: Probiotics are good bacteria that improve gut health and optimize digestive tract function, and you can get the benefits from (low sugar) yogurt, fermented drinks like kombucha/kefir or foods such as kimchi/kraut, or even some high-quality supplements. Time to get over the gas and bloating!

Now that you know what is good for results, what about the bad? Check out my blog on 4 Foods That Hurt Your Results to learn what to stay away from!


By following these tips, boosting your metabolism should be a breeze! Remember, what you put into your body matters! Fill that baby up with that premium fuel! 



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