Five 3 Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Your Busy Mornings

Five 3 Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Your Busy Mornings

Food is fuel, and starting your day with protein, carbs and healthy fats is a simple way to make sure that your body begins the day running efficiently. Easier said than done right?! Especially with donut shops, fast food breakfast and sugary cereals being at our fingertips. Eating a healthy breakfast and finding smart options can definitely be challenging because some of the most common breakfast items are processed, high in sugar, or fried, or just plain unhealthy!

With so many of us having such busy lives, if we are running late or don't have a morning routine in place, breakfast seems to be the first thing to go out the window. We either grab something unhealthy on the go or don't even eat at all. In the morning its time to WAKE UP & get going! How can you do that on an empty stomach?!  Feeding your body healthy ingredients is the best way to provide yourself a good energy source to pull from for the beginning of the day.

Are you feeling sluggish and uninspired in the mornings? Do you find it hard to wake up and start your day? What you could be missing is a morning routine! Check out my blog on the Ingredients of an Effective Morning Routine to learn how to set the tone for your entire day.

You know me, I absolutely love waking up in the morning and having my shake, tea and celery juice. This is and forever will be a part of my morning routine. I feel awake, satisfied and ready to take on the day. I am providing my body with nutrients from the start, which is allowing me to have all the energy to keep up with all these workouts! Want to join me on a LIVE workout this month?! Join our currently monthly challenge now and get ready to feel the BURN!

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and shouldn't be skipped. The best thing about breakfast is that there are so many quick and delicious options to choose from. Breakfast doesn't have to be difficult or fancy. Sometimes we get caught up in the "cooking" part. Keep it simple and keep it easy. With these 3 ingredient healthy breakfast recipes, there will be no excuses not to eat breakfast anymore! Yes, you read that right! 3 INGREDIENTS ONLY!! 

    Ham & Egg Cups

    Gluten free, high protein and low carb, these easy egg cups are not only delicious but a fun twist on your typical egg breakfast. Egg yolks naturally contain vitamin D, which promotes healthy muscle function. Super important in both a fitness and nutrition plan!


    • Slices of ham (free of preservatives)
    • Eggs
    • Salt & Pepper


    • Preheat over to 375F
    • Line muffin tin with slices of ham
    • Crack an egg into each muffin spot with ham
    • Season with salt & pepper
    • Bake for 20 minutes
    • Allow to cool for two to three minutes

    Berries & Toast

    Antioxidants, protein and carbs! This triple threat berries & toast is going to have you feeling some type of way early in the morning. The antioxidants in berries promote healthy cell function and can also protect against inflammation. 


    • Berries
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Whole Grain Bread

    Banana Pancakes

    Naturally sweetened and packed with protein, these banana pancakes will keep you satisfied into your busy morning. Bananas are incredibly healthy. They contain many essential nutrients and can aid in weight loss and digestion. 


    • 1 very ripe banana
    • 2 eggs
    • ¼ tsp cinnamon


    • Mix and mash all ingredients together
    • Place a dollop of batter on a hot, non-stick griddle
    • Flip & cook on both sides
    • Add fruit or some Greek yogurt with chia seeds!

      Sweet Potato Toast

      Mashed avocado, a fried egg, on top of a slice of sweet potato?!... you had me at avocado! High in fiber and healthy fats, sweet potato avocado toast is a great option in the mornings and will help to keep you feeling fuller longer. Don't forget, adding in a fried or hard boiled egg will help you hit your protein number for the day.


      • 1-2 sweet potatoes
      • 1 avocado
      • 1 egg per slice of toast
      • salt & pepper


      • Cut ends off sweet potatoes and slice into ¼-inch slices
      • Place sweet potato slices in toaster, flip over and toast once more
      • Spread avocado over sweet potato slices
      • Top with egg
      • Season with salt and pepper

      Breakfast Skillet

      Ground Turkey is a great source of protein and is also lower in saturated fat than regular ground beef. Paired with scrambled eggs, and some salsa, you have yourself a healthy breakfast skillet that even helps with increasing muscle mass!


      • Ground Turkey
      • Eggs
      • Salsa


      • Cook ground turkey
      • Cook eggs any style
      • Plate ground turkey, add eggs and top with salsa

        BOOM! There you go!  5 quick, easy and simple healthy breakfast recipes that anyone can make. Eating healthy and nutritious foods is a part of self love and taking care of your body. Fueling yourself in the mornings with nutrient dense foods will give you great energy for the day and will put the pep in your step! 

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        I would love to hear some of your go to quick breakfast items that you enjoy. Let me know in the comments what you like to eat in the mornings to keep you full and feeling satisfied!

        xx Rebecca

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